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NOTICE: Datastormusers will permanently close on April 15, 2022.

Legend: Note=Note WebLink=WebLink       Automatic Dish: .74 meter dish=.74m dish 1.2 meter dish=1.2m dish .98 meter dish=.98m dish
Cell: V=Verizon A=AT&T S=Sprint O=Other Cell         Terrestrial: D=DSL C=Cable F=Fiber W=WiFi
Tripod/Fixed: .74 meter Dish=.74m dish 1.2 meter Dish=1.2m dish .74 meter Dish=.98m dish         Installer=Installer +=Other        28 Members Shown
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Note Dish ID#  Name
Note Dish ID#  Name

About the Datastorm User Maps: These maps are available for the use of members at Membership is free, and anyone can join. In general, those shown on the map are owners of Motosat Datastorm Mobile Satellite Internet dishes, and they frequently travel about North America. Members who have Datastorms normally get their locations from the GPS listings in the Datastorm software; others use hand-held GPS or programs such as Street Atlas or Streets and Trips to determine their latitude and longitude. In order to keep the data relevant, listings are dropped if they are not updated after a member-set limit not more than 30 days. More information about the map and how to record your own location can be found here.

About the Motosat Datastorm: The Datastorm is a motorized self-pointing two-way internet dish that is typically mounted on a motor home, travel trailer, or similar recreational vehicle. The Datastorm does not provide in-motion internet, but deploys with the push of a button when the vehicle is stopped, typically taking about 4 minutes. The majority of Datastorm users are connected via the Hughes system, but there are also users on iDirect, Starband, and other systems. There is much more information available at the site.

About DatastormUsers was established originally just for users of the Datastorm or those interested in the product. At that time it (the Datastorm) was the only authorized mobile internet dish available. Since that time there have been other product introductions, and the scope of the site continues to widen to include any form of mobile satellite internet. In the forums, and in articles, we discuss issues regarding the service itself. We also discuss all of the peripheral things both in common with fixed internet users such as networking, WiFi, VPN, VoIP, and anti-viral products, and also those unique to mobile such as battery power consumption, solar panel arrays, and power inverters.

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