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Reported location of members near 30.4147 degrees N, 97.9307 degrees W.

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EMailNoteDishUser IDNameZoom ToSatelliteLatitudeLongitudeLast Updated
E-Mail Fulltimingman C 16 Fulltimingman N/A 30.41470N 97.93070W 4-Feb-2020
Back in Austin

W 413 Art & Caroline N/A 31.94159N 110.29250W 29-Jan-2020
Benson, AZ: At Saguaro SKP park for couple of months.

E-Mail DickMAY .74 meter dish 648 DickMAY 89W 30.41340N 97.92884W 3-Feb-2020
E-Mail DutchStar .74 meter dish 874 DutchStar 89W 30.64350N 94.87051W 28-Jan-2020
Back at our home in Livingston Texas.

E-Mail bkmussman V 2027 bkmussman 83W 26.13258N 97.94282W 20-Feb-2020
wintering at Llano

E-Mail John & Nancy Kelker .74 meter dish 2979 John & Nancy Kelker 89W 26.06723N 97.20504W 14-Feb-2020
14 Jan (Fri): Long Island Village, Port Isabel, TX. We just returned from a three-day excursion “up the (Rio Grande) valley” to Holt Truck Center in Edinburg for Time Bandit’s routine service, a short run totaling 192 miles but enough to keep her tires round, her systems tuned and her crew happy. After a Wednesday overnight at Flying J and Thursday at WalMart, we’re again anchored on our Intracoastal lot where a pod of dolphins greeted our return to paradise. Mild weather continues, mostly sunny 70s.

E-Mail Bill&Sharon + 3100 Bill&Sharon N/A 20.95117N 105.35370W 26-Jan-2020
E-Mail Snackmaster & Jan .74 meter dish 3659 Snackmaster & Jan 121W 27.88023N 97.16835W 2-Feb-2020
Aransas Oaks RV Park, Aransas Pass, TX

E-Mail Phaeton Place .74 meter dish 3912 Phaeton Place 83W 26.28500N 98.14233W 9-Feb-2020
Up in Edinburg, Texas, boondocking in the lot at Holt Cat Truck Centers. Here for our annual service, 8 a.m. tomorrow morning.

E-Mail Jean & Larry Rusch .74 meter dish 4719 Jean & Larry Rusch 113W 23.20100N 106.43000W 6-Feb-2020
Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico til mid-March. The girls come for Spring Break in Tucson after we return.

E-Mail Jim2 + 8880 Jim2 N/A 32.26850N 107.75550W 6-Feb-2020
moved south to my winter ranch

E-Mail roland//suzanne + 8887 roland//suzanne N/A 31.94100N 110.29316W 6-Feb-2020
Westward Ho! via EastWe are back in Benson for now. Cold weather brrrrr. Happy Trails to All .If you would rather not receive these location updates , just reply with remove

.74 meter dish 10097 JJL Traveler 121W 29.33080N 99.25592W 27-Jan-2020

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