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Reported location of members near 32.3224219 degrees N, 81.0393363 degrees W.

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E-Mail John & Nancy Kelker .74 meter dish 2979 John & Nancy Kelker 89W 42.28654N 72.77612W 14-Jun-2021
13 June (Sun): Northampton/Springfield KOA, MA, to 23 June visiting a son, daughter-in-law and grandson who moved here from UT and whom we’ve not seen in two years thanks to COVID. Now mended from my bicycle accident in early March and Nancy’s emergency abdominal surgery in late April, we’re back to daily workout regimens of weights, biking and power walking which feels great but pales when compared to regaining our dream life on the road. Ahoy mates, Harpers Ferry, WV, is Time Bandit’s next port of call.

E-Mail Phaeton Place .74 meter dish 3912 Phaeton Place 83W 36.70800N 86.52333W 6-Jun-2021
Dad’s Bluegrass Campground, Franklin, KY, for the night. Nice to be out of the rain.

E-Mail Bob Keller .74 meter dish 1662 Bob Keller 99W 35.40386N 83.31522W 2-Jun-2021
My work here is coming to a close and we are looking in earnest for a place to live. Retirement here I come.

E-Mail Alek and Lucia .74 meter dish 7674 Alek and Lucia 99W 41.20500N 89.44972W 3-Jun-2021
We are now in Putnam, IL at Lake Thunderbird.
Stop by and visit us if you passing by,

E-Mail james & margie gore V 4335 james & margie gore N/A 35.95986N 83.92455W 16-Jun-2021
Knoxville, TN

E-Mail billjudy V 5214 billjudy N/A 28.37730N 81.67279W 26-May-2021
We are in FL for the winter Hope it’s nice weather. be careful stay safe. Marry chrismas and happy new year to all.

A 1870 Roger K4RS and Toni K1TS N/A 32.62552N 80.87522W 19-Jun-2021
On the road, living the dream...

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