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Reported location of members near 33.5961841 degrees N, 99.28016143 degrees W.

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EMailNoteDishUser IDNameZoom ToSatelliteLatitudeLongitudeLast Updated
E-Mail Fulltimingman C 16 Fulltimingman N/A 30.41470N 97.93070W 13-Jun-2021
Back in Austin

E-Mail Gary Smith V 55 Gary Smith N/A 32.60146N 97.07001W 3-Jun-2021
We are in Loyd Park (a city park) in Grand Prairie, TX for a while.

E-Mail Bob McDougall V 2253 Bob McDougall N/A 29.89221N 98.29149W 22-May-2021
All my good friends over the years, I did not travel last summer due to Covid but fortunately I did not contact it.

Here I am about 250 miles north of Pharr, TX at US Army Corps of Engineers Cranes Mill Park on Canyon Lake about 40 miles north of San Antonio for the summer

E-Mail Dick Scheit V 2353 Dick Scheit N/A 29.53312N 98.01992W 27-May-2021
Stone Cross RV Park

.74 meter dish 3623 Frank & Barb 89W 30.45058N 95.55204W 7-Jun-2021
Bishop’s Landing aka Castaway’s RV Park in Willis, TX

E-Mail C M & Marlene Prince .74 meter dish 4995 C M & Marlene Prince 83W 43.68906N 97.38913W 1-Jun-2021
We are at Dakota Sunsets RV, Salem, SD
Plan to be here till July 2021

Will be here till we leave then to where???

We have Cell, Wi-Fi, & TV

E-Mail rjjourneys + 5332 rjjourneys N/A 38.82462N 94.16022W 28-May-2021
On the farm
Lone Jack, Mo
RVDatasat 840; Verizon; Wifi

E-Mail boatcat V 5866 boatcat 117W 32.31810N 111.22351W 25-May-2021
Back in the desert, hiding as much as possible. Hope for a good New Year. Second covid shots---HOORAY
Chuck & Gigi

E-Mail Alek and Lucia .74 meter dish 7674 Alek and Lucia 99W 41.20500N 89.44972W 3-Jun-2021
We are now in Putnam, IL at Lake Thunderbird.
Stop by and visit us if you passing by,

.74 meter dish 10097 JJL Traveler 121W 29.33080N 99.25592W 5-Jun-2021
E-Mail campskunk .98 meter dish 13303 campskunk N/A 37.79417N 107.93517W 17-Jun-2021
just the two of us, retired and fulltiming in a Roadtrek. Our photos are here: Gen5 Hughesnet tripod, 75 gigs for $169/month, coast to coast, 40+ Mbps. After three months in New Mexico we are finally back up the high country at 10,120 feet - Lizard Head Pass just south of Telluride doing dispersed camping along CO 145. We will wait another week (heat wave) and then make a break for the coast.

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