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Reported location of members near 37.34203 degrees N, 121.85317 degrees W.

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EMailNoteDishUser IDNameZoom ToSatelliteLatitudeLongitudeLast Updated
E-Mail Don Bradner .74 meter dish 1 Don Bradner 127W 40.79049N 124.13102W 30-Jul-2014
Heading down to the Bay Area and SoCal next week.

E-Mail offrovin V 89 offrovin 89W 46.99460N 123.89260W 1-Aug-2014
Hoquiam River RV for a few nights.

E-Mail rbunge .74 meter dish 98 rbunge 89W 44.70523N 111.09930W 21-Jul-2014
Now at Bakers Hole FS campground just 3 miles north of West Yellowstone. A huge pull through right on the Madison River. Do see our blog for the details.

E-Mail Kim & Shelly .74 meter dish 102 Kim & Shelly 89W 34.33705N 112.13313W 30-Jul-2014
Mayer, AZ. starting to get hot again!

E-Mail Art & Caroline .74 meter dish 413 Art & Caroline 121W 44.98351N 122.97507W 16-Jul-2014
Salem, OR: For the summer.

V 510 Herb N/A 34.46375N 120.07032W 1-Aug-2014
E-Mail Richard & Dianna Lafferty .74 meter dish 608 Richard & Dianna Lafferty 117W 34.60790N 111.18960W 19-Jul-2014
We are set up in our summer volunteer location at the Blue Ridge Ranger Station in the Coconino National Forest. We are about half way between Payson and Winslow Arizona at about 7,000 foot of elevation. Our current plan is to spend most of the summer here.

E-Mail Larry & Karla .74 meter dish 1506 Larry & Karla 83W 43.81452N 121.46261W 18-Jul-2014
On our Pacific Northwest trip.

.74 meter dish 1512 Dave and Mo 117W 34.25150N 111.26000W 29-Jul-2014
Located in the Lamplighter RV Park in Star Valley, AZ.

E-Mail Larry Rebich V 1602 Larry Rebich N/A 46.15033N 123.83573W 31-Jul-2014
2014/07/31 At the Lewis & Clark Golf and RV Park in Astoria, Oregon is space C3A for a week. Elevation 11 feet. A very nice park with a nose-in to the golf course. To follow the year 2014 adventure, link to:

.74 meter dish 1905 Darryl and Sheri 127W 42.38824N 124.42030W 28-Jul-2014
Mon. 28Jly2014-Gold Beach, OR. We are having some home time after our family gathering in Brookings. We all enjoyed beach days, walking in the redwoods, and family time. The grandkids also really had fun floating and swimming in the Winchuck River. Our gathering next year will be in Yellowstone N.P. We will be here until 7/31 then move up to Coos Bay for a week.

E-Mail motorhome05 .74 meter dish 1927 motorhome05 89W 45.00445N 112.84884W 30-Jul-2014
fishing on the beaverhead

.74 meter dish 2142 ivan and sharon 99W 33.82662N 112.09641W 15-Jul-2014
E-Mail Mobile Internet Satellite 2212 Mobile Internet Satellite 121W 32.18227N 111.12971W 13-Jul-2014
Now located in Copper Crest in Tucson.
StarBand systems, parts, & support - HughesNet parts & support
Take Your Internet With You!

E-Mail Rich and Carol .74 meter dish 2233 Rich and Carol 83W 45.38945N 123.79950W 27-Jul-2014
Now in the Tillamook Elks camp ground as guest of our friend Deano. We all will be leaving in the morning to spend a week in the Old Mill camp ground in Garibalbi, Oregon. This is a great spot with full hook ups and good power. Nice to see my best friend again but don’t tell him that.....

E-Mail Pat D V 2307 Pat D N/A 42.35032N 124.41224W 30-Jul-2014
Fixed at home...DataStorm on the road

E-Mail ron curry V 2415 ron curry 83W 44.90862N 122.99234W 8-Jul-2014
Traveling in the North West, now at the Salem Elk’s lodge for a week or so.

V 2435 Lee & Barbara Nuehring 83W 38.29873N 111.40309W 9-Jul-2014
We are in the Wonderland RV Park outside of Torrey, Utah. This puts us in a narrow corridor with Capitol Reef National Park just east of us, Fishlake National Forest to the north and Dixie National Forest to the south. Lots of ATV riding opportunities as well as some awesome scenic drives we will take in the truck. We have changed our itinerary and will be here until Labor Day.

E-Mail BigRabbitMan .74 meter dish 2569 BigRabbitMan 89W 37.06667N 121.56667W 7-Jul-2014
The coach is still out of commision for a major power train upgrade, but it almost complete.

E-Mail stanman_95350 .74 meter dish 2657 stanman_95350 89W 32.67269N 114.45150W 9-Jul-2014
Back in sunny(hot) Yuma

E-Mail Lenp V 2752 Lenp N/A 44.59585N 121.11723W 20-Jul-2014
Still at home..............

E-Mail Ed Sommers .74 meter dish 2753 Ed Sommers 121W 40.99100N 115.54000W 28-Jul-2014
E-Mail Keith & Brenda Krejci .74 meter dish 2832 Keith & Brenda Krejci 89W 42.69028N 124.43662W 15-Jul-2014
E-Mail George and Josie Newsome .74 meter dish 2846 George and Josie Newsome 89W 45.33752N 122.76232W 29-Jul-2014
Pheasant Ridge RV Resort
Wilsonville, OR

Exploring south Portland area

E-Mail DesertDale .74 meter dish 3058 DesertDale 117W 37.77415N 112.44277W 25-Jul-2014
All fixed up in no time this morning and now in a gravel pit south of Panguitch, UT where it is cooler.

E-Mail TurtleToad V 3068 TurtleToad N/A 36.98103N 121.93478W 31-Jul-2014
Camp Hosting at New Brighton State Beach in Capitola, CA. Our home until the end of August.

E-Mail Ken and Joanne Parsons V 3153 Ken and Joanne Parsons 99W 45.39825N 118.01018W 23-Jul-2014
7-23-14 We are at the farm since the 19th. I forgot to update our location. We are having a few thunder storms. Tomorrow we start working on new tile and carpet in our two bdrm duplex. Hopefully will be done in 7 days. Ken and Joanne Parsons 541 963 8990

E-Mail Gerald & Glenda Farris .74 meter dish 3325 Gerald & Glenda Farris 89W 33.73816N 112.55027W 9-Jul-2014
we made it to Arizona. will be here for a few weeks.

E-Mail John and Rita Ham .74 meter dish 3330 John and Rita Ham 117W 43.39934N 124.21910W 27-Jul-2014
At the Monaco Coach Rally in Coos Bay, Oregon. In space #52 of the campground until August 10th.

E-Mail RVingPALs .74 meter dish 3366 RVingPALs N/A 45.49518N 122.78370W 28-Jul-2014
Beaverton, OR

E-Mail Murphy & Gail Horner .74 meter dish 3405 Murphy & Gail Horner 89W 45.64990N 110.94501W 20-Jul-2014
Here in Bozeman for a few weeks until the docs clear me again.

.74 meter dish 3423 Paul & Mary Wells 83W 44.62148N 124.04920W 13-Jul-2014
Newport, OR - We decided that considering the coming heat wave, we would do better heading for the cooler coast line of Oregon be we seemed to have overshot a bit with today’s high in Newport being 57 degrees. Quite different than Takoma’s near 100s, but better nevertheless.

E-Mail Dick & Kathy V 3525 Dick & Kathy 83W 43.50800N 112.05328W 30-Jul-2014
Summer trip
Now in Idaho Falls, ID until Friday then Boise for 6 days at Kathy’s brothers hotel

E-Mail Frank & Barb Weimert .74 meter dish 3623 Frank & Barb Weimert 89W 45.69481N 111.04495W 1-Aug-2014
Overnight @Walmart in Bozeman,MT

E-Mail Langley Video Solutions .74 meter dish 3711 Langley Video Solutions 99W 46.53131N 121.95581W 15-Jul-2014
Hello Everyone. Guess Who..... I’m enjoying all my Saturdays. Just running out of time every week when all the days start with Sat...... Go figure.

+ 3766 John and Ruth S. N/A 32.66998N 114.51511W 17-Jul-2014
Hello all.

at hqme.
Seal ya’ later

E-Mail Marv and Ellen Precision RV 3949 Marv and Ellen Precision RV 99W 44.06339N 122.97519W 27-Jul-2014
We are in Eugene, OR for the summer. Installing Solar all summer long managing AM Solar. This winter back in AZ doing the same. Great time for Solar for your RV. Stop By. We specialize in Solar, and RV Repair. Give a call if we can help. Safe Travels to all.

AM Solar RV Solar Specialist
Certified Mobile RV Service and Repair

Precision RV Service, Inc.
99W 1Watt

E-Mail kenny.woodward 1.2 meter dish 4208 kenny.woodward 93W 37.69562N 113.06455W 19-Jul-2014
At the Cedar City, UT KOA for 2 weeks to visit Zion National Park, Grand Canyon and other sites.

E-Mail Joel Buchan .98 meter dish 4594 Joel Buchan 89W 44.12344N 122.63090W 11-Jul-2014
7/11/2014; Back to Leaburg, OR on the McKenzie.
Stay tuned, Joel

E-Mail Don & Peg D 5080 Don & Peg N/A 34.55697N 111.87119W 20-Jul-2014
Back home

E-Mail Gene&Merle .98 meter dish 5193 Gene&Merle 83W 40.68650N 122.03850W 29-Jul-2014
Back to the ranch! Had a great weekend racing at Buttonwillow, a great week with friends in Pahrump, NV, and a really great weekend racing at Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca! Thanks again to all who made this possible, and special thanks to everyone who made Merle’s birthday at Laguna Seca a very special day!

Hope all is good with all of you!

Gene & Merle

.74 meter dish 5551 Bill and Doris Roberson 127W 43.51946N 109.58970W 16-Jul-2014
Tue, 17 Jun: Now at Longhorn RV in Dubois, WY. Current schedule says we will be here until 1 Aug.

On the map page Click the Square ICON on the
left to view our blog or click the link below.

E-Mail boatcat V 5866 boatcat 117W 32.31810N 111.22351W 17-Jul-2014
Actually in Sawtooth Nat Recreation Area

Chuck & Gigi

E-Mail IdahoRV .74 meter dish 6558 IdahoRV 127W 32.74766N 111.68566W 6-Jul-2014
We have been back in Arizona City for about 4 weeks now. Ken had his knee replacement surgery on 6/17 and is recovering very well. It looks like 6 more weeks of PT though.

E-Mail RobnEddie V 8550 RobnEddie N/A 34.10297N 112.82418W 28-Jul-2014
North Ranch

.74 meter dish 8606 Tweety and Sylvester 91W 43.75000N 121.45830W 19-Jul-2014
We are staying at Cascade Meadows RV Park until Aug 11 when we leave for the Redmond FMCA Rally. Still waiting on our tires to arrive in Klamath Falls.

E-Mail David and Lynn Cross V 9433 David and Lynn Cross N/A 37.21200N 119.71900W 9-Jul-2014
We are in our spot at Park of the Sierras in Coarsegold, Calif and will probably be here for another three months.

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E-Mail Craig Scotty - W7TZL es AL7JU .74 meter dish 10132 Craig Scotty - W7TZL es AL7JU 117W 39.39138N 119.64180W 8-Jul-2014
Home for the summer.

E-Mail Frank & Charlou + 15408 Frank & Charlou N/A 46.31258N 118.76705W 29-Jul-2014
Fishhook Campground
Family Reunion

E-Mail KoKo V 17197 KoKo N/A 42.83174N 124.54851W 30-Jul-2014
After two weeks in Gold Beach, we moved 35 miles north on 101. Probably will just overnight here as the wind always blows like stink. By a nats ass, this is the most western point in the lower 48.

+ 18216 Ken&Sheila N/A 44.43213N 124.05464W 30-Jul-2014
McKinley’s Marina and RV Park
4 nights waterfront site. nice but windy

E-Mail Don & Cheryl VonderBurg .74 meter dish 20771 Don & Cheryl VonderBurg 89W 36.80622N 119.92169W 28-Jul-2014
FT RV’ing since Aug 2013 :-)
Home base is Portland OR
Back in Fresno for 10 days.

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