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Reported location of members near 37.81242 degrees N, 119.9496 degrees W.

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EMailNoteDishUser IDNameZoom ToSatelliteLatitudeLongitudeLast Updated
E-Mail Don Bradner .74 meter dish 1 Don Bradner 127W 40.79049N 124.13102W 16-May-2015
At home in Eureka for awhile.

E-Mail Jim & Lou Scott .74 meter dish 61 Jim & Lou Scott 87W 45.53872N 122.37960W 14-May-2015
Sandy Riverfront RV Resort - #149
Troutdale, OR

E-Mail offrovin D 89 offrovin 89W 36.04282N 115.07380W 3-May-2015
Home, but summer is coming.

E-Mail rbunge .74 meter dish 98 rbunge 89W 32.00231N 110.45356W 30-Apr-2015
At winter location near Benson for awhile.

E-Mail Kim & Shelly .74 meter dish 102 Kim & Shelly 89W 38.58968N 109.56819W 27-Apr-2015
In Moab for a month!

E-Mail Wrightquest .74 meter dish 291 Wrightquest 83W 38.99103N 119.21000W 23-Apr-2015
Left SoCal yesterday. We’ll spend 3 days in Yerington, NV, with Good Sams Desert Vagabonds, then head on up to Reno for a while.

E-Mail Art & Caroline .74 meter dish 413 Art & Caroline 121W 44.98351N 122.97507W 20-May-2015
Salem, OR: Back home for the summer

V 510 Herb N/A 34.29787N 119.21209W 19-May-2015
E-Mail Discovery37 A 930 Discovery37 89W 45.73626N 123.19437W 1-May-2015
L.L. Stub Stewart S.P. Hosting at the visitor center

E-Mail Dick & Rockey A 933 Dick & Rockey 99W 44.98649N 123.02345W 19-May-2015
Keizer, OR Here for a month

E-Mail Mingo Motel V 1180 Mingo Motel 89W 34.10638N 112.82848W 22-May-2015
Leaving Tuesday to begin meandering to Minneapolis.
Just look for the flamingos,
Cathy and Ron Benton

E-Mail Life V 1194 Life N/A 47.07928N 124.17122W 15-May-2015
Some make up stories to tell themselves, others make up stories for those they want to impress. Most do both. Many believe stories they hear from others, even shaping their lives to fit.Are there any without stories at all? I met one once, and if you looked in his eyes that’s what you saw. Scary. Exciting.

E-Mail Roger and Lila A 1483 Roger and Lila 99W 46.61060N 122.95288W 10-May-2015
Back home in WA for the summer, hope it gets here soon.

E-Mail LeRoy 1591 LeRoy 99W 47.51186N 111.25815W 4-May-2015
Home for the summer

E-Mail Larry Rebich V 1602 Larry Rebich N/A 44.13123N 123.04953W 20-May-2015
2015/05/20 In space 149, Premier RV Resorts, Eugene, OR for a couple weeks. Elevation 402 feet. Trip USA 2015 continues. See for details.

E-Mail Bob Keller .74 meter dish 1662 Bob Keller 117W 43.91049N 110.63646W 30-Apr-2015
This will be home until around the end of Sept. Grand Teton National Park.

E-Mail Nat Childs .74 meter dish 2101 Nat Childs 91W 33.60085N 114.23063W 4-May-2015
On the way home to Northern CA. Should be there by the 10th. NO longer using the sat. system as it was too slow--now using cell system.

E-Mail Gordon and Marlene Richards V 2152 Gordon and Marlene Richards N/A 33.73290N 111.20316W 19-May-2015
Located Cholla Recreation site on Roosevelt lake, AZ.

E-Mail Mobile Internet Satellite 2212 Mobile Internet Satellite 121W 32.18227N 111.12971W 30-Apr-2015
Now located in Copper Crest in Tucson.
StarBand systems, parts, & support - HughesNet parts & support
Take Your Internet With You!

E-Mail Rich and Carol .74 meter dish 2233 Rich and Carol 83W 35.58715N 118.46754W 21-May-2015
Still home and probably will be here thru the summer. Bummer.

E-Mail Pat D V 2307 Pat D N/A 42.35033N 124.41206W 20-May-2015
E-Mail ron curry V 2415 ron curry 83W 32.63525N 114.38026W 5-May-2015
At home on S. Onammi Ave in the Yuma, AZ Foothills until June

E-Mail Pat & Barb Pintus V 2430 Pat & Barb Pintus 91W 42.96492N 110.96710W 21-May-2015
We arrived in Thayne at 6:30 after driving 545 miles. Great weather until we got to Thayne. Rain and cold. Our Tahoe had a dead battery when we got here so borrowed cables, left mine home, and had our good neighbor Mark give us a jump. Going to have a beer and pizza and relax tonight.

E-Mail BigRabbitMan .74 meter dish 2569 BigRabbitMan 89W 37.06667N 121.56667W 1-May-2015
The coach is still out of commision for a major power train upgrade, but it almost complete.

E-Mail Theo Suds .98 meter dish 2661 Theo Suds 123W 43.67873N 124.18018W 21-May-2015
Oregon sand dunes B-)

W 2741 Don_&_Jan 99W 32.09360N 110.83780W 12-May-2015
we are now in Tucson at the Voyager RV Resort. We will be here at least until June 12. We are using the Internet room until we get our modem and can do Internet from the Motorhome. So we are not where the W is situated, we are on 7th street. I will catch up later this week.

E-Mail Lenp V 2752 Lenp N/A 44.59587N 121.11800W 16-May-2015
Still at home

E-Mail Ed Sommers A 2753 Ed Sommers N/A 35.96700N 115.91100W 22-May-2015
.74 meter dish 2781 Mel and Linda Collart 89W 31.67631N 114.49680W 23-Apr-2015
At our winter home in El Golfo de Santa Claria, Mexico.

Mel & Linda

E-Mail Chet and Gaye .74 meter dish 3017 Chet and Gaye 91W 42.66053N 112.20780W 22-May-2015
Day 3 of our 2015 ’Trek to Twillingate’ Coffee stop at the Flying J where US Hwy 30 heads east off of I-15... :)

E-Mail DesertDale .74 meter dish 3058 DesertDale 117W 38.67813N 121.40632W 13-May-2015
In Rio Linda, CA for three weeks. good phone service

E-Mail TurtleToad V 3068 TurtleToad N/A 34.46150N 120.02365W 3-May-2015
At our summer hosting jobs at El Capitan State Beach. Be here until at least Sept 31.

E-Mail Ken and Joanne Parsons V 3153 Ken and Joanne Parsons 99W 45.39825N 118.01018W 15-May-2015
5-15-15 We are back at the farm. Rained most of the day but getting settled in. Ken and Joanne Parsons 541 963 8990

E-Mail Sheppard4 A 3159 Sheppard4 N/A 46.27117N 119.20328W 18-May-2015
We are at the Pasco KOA RV Park until 6/18.

E-Mail Bill & Marilyn Register V 3271 Bill & Marilyn Register 83W 32.64440N 114.41340W 8-May-2015
In Yuma, AZ for the winter. Still nNo positive plans for yet.

.74 meter dish 3330 John & Rita Ham 117W 45.23355N 123.96840W 18-May-2015
We have arrived! Presently at Pacific City on the Oregon Coast and the Ocean is beautiful. At Thousand Trails in site C19 and will be here until June 1st.

E-Mail Murphy & Gail Horner .74 meter dish 3405 Murphy & Gail Horner 89W 42.57016N 114.59935W 14-May-2015
Enjoying some time in the grass.

E-Mail Patty and Dan .98 meter dish 3512 Patty and Dan 89W 46.21684N 116.00730W 21-May-2015
Kamiah, Idaho.......Longcamp RV Park on the Clearwater River for 3 weeks.

E-Mail Dick & Kathy V 3525 Dick & Kathy 83W 38.57984N 121.54477W 22-May-2015
Sacramento Capital West RV Park till Monday

E-Mail irishrover              61201 .74 meter dish 3552 irishrover 61201 89W 33.19934N 117.36441W 24-Apr-2015
Here until end of May.

.74 meter dish 3680 Bob & Betsy 117W 44.50918N 116.03542W 18-May-2015
Home in Cascade for the summer. Nice crisp mornings and good days. Salmon are running, 3-4 weeks early. Huckleberries are ripening 4-5 weeks early. Interesting spring.

E-Mail Bob & Judy Heiges + 3681 Bob & Judy Heiges N/A 36.98993N 121.51502W 18-May-2015
Back on the farm for a week -- with a cracked windshield thanks to a gravel truck going in the opposite direction.

E-Mail Langley Video Solutions .74 meter dish 3711 Langley Video Solutions 99W 37.77383N 121.30107W 4-May-2015
Well folks. I’m here in Manteca, CA for a week before I go back up to Yosemite Lakes next Monday. I’m resupplying before I go back. I’ve got two of my beautiful granddaughters flying in from Austin to hike with me in Yosemite for one of the weeks I’ll be there. Really looking forward to their visit.....Guess I should stock up on some more toilet paper.

+ 3766 John and Ruth S. N/A 32.66998N 114.51511W 9-May-2015
Hello all.

at home LITH
Seal ya’ later

E-Mail Doug and Sheila D 4271 Doug and Sheila N/A 40.83218N 111.94090W 7-May-2015
We are in North Salt Lake for a month. Sheila is looking forward to doing genealogy research and Doug is looking forward to doing some geocaching. We are also expecting to meet some friends here.

E-Mail Joel Buchan .98 meter dish 4594 Joel Buchan 89W 39.49945N 120.00103W 16-May-2015
04-16-2015; two weeks late on posting this location at Gold Ranch Casino & RV Park. Will be here for the rest of the month.
Stay tuned, Joel

E-Mail Don & Peg D 5080 Don & Peg N/A 34.55697N 111.87119W 9-May-2015
Back home

E-Mail Gene&Merle .98 meter dish 5193 Gene&Merle 83W 39.59250N 119.15824W 21-May-2015
Moved to Fernley, NV, this afternoon. We will stay here tonight nd tomorrow night, then head further into the desert. We have read about a restaurant and bar out in the middle of nowhere. A place called Middlegate, where we will spend another couple of nights.

Hope all is good with all of you!

Gene & Merle

.74 meter dish 5345 Gary and Liz 91W 43.82686N 110.36170W 9-May-2015
Parked near Grand Teton NP for several weeks to go out with the bear trapping crew.

E-Mail boatcat V 5866 boatcat 117W 32.31810N 111.22351W 6-May-2015
Back at the desert house. Workin, workin, workin.

Chuck & Gigi

E-Mail Tony & Sharon .98 meter dish 5973 Tony & Sharon 127W 47.16238N 122.13930W 9-May-2015
Sharon "says Hello"
Hello to ALL
We are in Bonney Lake, WA. for the Summer..........GOD BLESS

E-Mail IdahoRV .74 meter dish 6558 IdahoRV 127W 32.74759N 111.68572W 10-May-2015
We are still in Arizona City.

E-Mail Carl & Gail .74 meter dish 8324 Carl & Gail 89W 47.68100N 116.80325W 20-May-2015
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, The Lake City. Stayed an extra day in Joseph due to bad weather and were able to explore the lovely town on the edge of Hells Canyon. The drive yesterday was a 7 hour 283 mile route over the Blue Mountains in the clouds, down into Walla Walla valley and thru miles and miles of farmland as far as we could see in eastern Washington. Cattle/horses/sheep all grazing with their spring babies.

+ 8373 Lou & Ginny N/A 43.95472N 124.11043W 16-May-2015
Killing time till Monaco APPOINTMENT 2 is goooood!

E-Mail RobnEddie V 8550 RobnEddie N/A 34.10299N 112.82419W 15-May-2015
North Ranch Congress,AZ

E-Mail David and Lynn Cross V 9433 David and Lynn Cross N/A 34.67298N 111.94113W 11-May-2015
We have moved 9 miles back to Thousand Trails Verde Valley and will be here until the 31st.

If you would rather not receive these location updates, just reply with REMOVE in the Subject Line.

E-Mail John and Marie Steele .74 meter dish 10435 John and Marie Steele 99W 43.43174N 108.17864W 26-Apr-2015
heading north

E-Mail campskunk .74 meter dish 13303 campskunk 99W 40.00000N 109.00000W 15-May-2015
just the two of us and Fiona the Fearless Kitty, retired and fulltiming in a Roadtrek. Our photos are here:
Hanging out on Federal land south of the Uintas. Location is approximate.

E-Mail Phil & Patrice + 15225 Phil & Patrice N/A 39.31516N 119.64591W 15-May-2015
We are at the Virginia City RV Park in Virginia City, NV. Left Tonopah this morning with 2 inches of snow on the ground and more coming down. No snow here but cold rain--in the 30s. Came up the steep winding Six Mile Canyon route--nice scenic ride. Visiting family here for the next week. Virginia city is an old western town with wood sidewalks and very old buildings--fun place to be for awhile.

E-Mail Frank & Charlou + 15408 Frank & Charlou N/A 34.10380N 112.82953W 6-May-2015
Parked on OUR one year lease site at North Ranch

.74 meter dish 20421 Born to Run 89W 37.27682N 121.83260W 4-May-2015
Up in Spokane, WA. for a few days.

E-Mail Don & Cheryl VonderBurg .74 meter dish 20771 Don & Cheryl VonderBurg 89W 38.55212N 109.52876W 22-May-2015
FT RV’ing since Aug 2013 :-)
Home base is Portland OR
On the road. We are in Moab UT. ACT Campground is a new RV park on the south end of town. It is a great place.

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