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Reported location of members near 38.20195112 degrees N, 76.97708574 degrees W.

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EMailNoteDishUser IDNameZoom ToSatelliteLatitudeLongitudeLast Updated
E-Mail Bob Keller .74 meter dish 1662 Bob Keller 99W 35.40386N 83.31522W 6-Sep-2021
Done. Retirement and the opening of the new chapter. Now to find a home.

A 1870 Roger K4RS and Toni K1TS N/A 35.86047N 80.39707W 13-Sep-2021
On the road, living the dream...

C 2334 Kenny & Nancy Sallee N/A 44.77346N 87.59414W 17-Sep-2021
Door County KOA

E-Mail George and Josie Newsome O 2846 George and Josie Newsome 89W 41.66785N 86.89015W 17-Sep-2021
WalmartMichigan City, INOvernight on our way to Taliesin.41.66785274, -86.8901515

E-Mail Jean & Larry Rusch .74 meter dish 4719 Jean & Larry Rusch 113W 43.10850N 89.47000W 15-Sep-2021
Mendota County Park, Middleton, WI. Here for 10 days then move to the east side to Lake Farm Park til Oct 8. Still wondering if we can go to the Bahamas for the winter.

Wellness checks and dentist done/passed. DD got her disability approved. Yayyyyyy. No cataract surgery this year. I’m off anastrazol 10 years past 2nd breast cancer surgery.

E-Mail Alek and Lucia .74 meter dish 7674 Alek and Lucia 99W 41.20500N 89.44972W 16-Sep-2021
We are now in Putnam, IL at Lake Thunderbird.
Stop by and visit us if you passing by,

E-Mail roland//suzanne + 8887 roland//suzanne N/A 37.37758N 76.80593W 21-Aug-2021
Where’s WALDO!!!! Toano VA. Our third destination in our trek. Renee & Doug’s heading cross country without RV this is really a different way to travel long distance !! --_-- not }○●○{ Happy Trails to All .If you would rather not receive these location updates , just reply with remove

E-Mail Dave & Willy .74 meter dish 8971 Dave & Willy 99W 43.78409N 80.32022W 11-Sep-2021
Still stuck in Canada until later this summer, maybe Fall now . . .
Still here in Belwood for much (most?) of the summer!
Hoping the border opens in late September . . .

V 18216 Ken&Sheila N/A 41.48453N 88.20368W 7-Sep-2021
Still at Leisure Lakes RV Resort for September and October(?), changed sites
Shorewood, IL

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