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EMailNoteDishUser IDNameZoom ToSatelliteLatitudeLongitudeLast Updated
E-Mail Don Bradner .74 meter dish 1 Don Bradner 127W 40.79049N 124.13102W 23-Jun-2016
Back home in Eureka 6/23. UCSF says my ankle is fine.

E-Mail Gary Smith W 55 Gary Smith 83W 33.63150N 112.31867W 23-Jun-2016
Stayed last night in Suprise (Phoenix suburb): 112 daytime high, 88 nighttime low.

E-Mail Jim & Lou Scott V 61 Jim & Lou Scott N/A 43.17387N 124.19601W 27-May-2016
Rivers Edge RV Park - #23, Coquille, OR.

.74 meter dish 229 Terry & Betty Brewer 89W 48.09432N 116.10915W 11-Jun-2016
At Idaho Cabin, Clark Fork, ID

E-Mail Wrightquest .74 meter dish 291 Wrightquest 83W 43.38766N 123.35314W 13-Jun-2016
Had a great time in Seaside and Portland now in Sutherlin for a few days.

E-Mail Art & Caroline C 413 Art & Caroline N/A 44.98363N 122.97506W 11-Jun-2016
Salem, OR: Home for a few months.

V 510 Herb N/A 42.71227N 120.56110W 14-Jun-2016
.74 meter dish 534 acker1 99W 37.66113N 112.42814W 6-Jun-2016
Hatch, Utah to visit Bryce Canyon.

E-Mail Discovery37 A 930 Discovery37 89W 45.73630N 123.19438W 1-Jun-2016
L. L. Stub Stewart SP

E-Mail Life V 1194 Life 99W 47.22234N 119.99948W 21-Jun-2016
A giant river has a special magic.

E-Mail Larry Rebich V 1602 Larry Rebich N/A 44.93545N 124.02098W 21-Jun-2016
2016/06/21 At the Premier RV Resort in Lincoln City, OR on pad 48 for a couple weeks. Elevation 404 feet. See for details.

E-Mail Bill and Diane V 1719 Bill and Diane 127W 46.81017N 123.05752W 20-Jun-2016
Outback RV Park in Rochester WA for one week.

V 2102 Cramalot Inn N/A 48.37500N 120.20518W 31-May-2016
Home again on the Twisp River for the summer.
Life is good.

E-Mail Rich and Carol .74 meter dish 2233 Rich and Carol 99W 35.58700N 118.46744W 28-May-2016
Now back home after our winter trip. Got plenty to do to get ready for fire season.

E-Mail ron curry V 2415 ron curry 83W 32.63525N 114.38026W 8-Jun-2016
At home on S. Onammi Ave in the Yuma, AZ Foothills until mid June.

E-Mail Dan and Sarah F 2696 Dan and Sarah N/A 47.56410N 120.16270W 18-Jun-2016
Back at home on Badger Mountain, Northeast of Wenatchee WA. 3840 ft elevation. Beautiful view of Mt Rainier across the Cascade Mountain Range From Eastern Washington!

E-Mail Keith & Brenda Krejci .74 meter dish 2832 Keith & Brenda Krejci 89W 48.02290N 114.22631W 15-Jun-2016
E-Mail John & Nancy Kelker .74 meter dish 2979 John & Nancy Kelker 89W 42.38841N 124.41949W 21-Jun-2016
21 Jun (Tue): Turtle Rock RV Resort, Gold Beach, OR, for two weeks. Our exploration of Redwood National Park in CA was fabulous. Coast Redwoods can soar to 380’ (world’s tallest trees), reach 20’+ in diameter and live for 2,000+ years. We completed three excellent hikes in the park, each taking our breath away on two counts: the mind boggling size of the behemoths and the long strenuous steep trails we trekked to see them, one made very treacherous by recent rain. We are now 7,001 days living on the road.

E-Mail DesertDale .74 meter dish 3058 DesertDale 117W 44.09597N 121.21442W 22-Jun-2016
At my Aunt’s house near Bend, OR.

E-Mail Ken and Joanne Parsons V 3153 Ken and Joanne Parsons 99W 45.39825N 118.01018W 28-May-2016
5-28-16 We are back at the farm. Arrived two days ago but forgot to sign in as we haven’t stopped working. Boy what fun!! Ken and Joanne Parsons 541 963 8990

E-Mail Sheppard4 A 3159 Sheppard4 N/A 47.18290N 122.30172W 20-Jun-2016
We are staying at the Puyallup Fairgrounds until 7/05.

E-Mail irishrover              61201 .74 meter dish 3552 irishrover 61201 89W 47.74303N 116.80276W 17-Jun-2016
Here for awhile.

E-Mail Langley Video Solutions .74 meter dish 3711 Langley Video Solutions 99W 37.67614N 112.20560W 17-Jun-2016
E-Mail Joel Buchan V 4594 Joel Buchan 89W 44.06496N 123.06496W 5-Jun-2016
06/05/2016; been back in Oregon for the past 2 weeks+. In Spingfield, OR at the Moose Lodge. Am back in my Beaver and will spend a good part of the summer in western Oregon. Looking for a toad to pull behind the MH.
Stay tuned Joel

E-Mail Don & Peg C 5080 Don & Peg N/A 34.55686N 111.87141W 2-Jun-2016
Back home

E-Mail Gene&Merle .98 meter dish 5193 Gene&Merle 83W 35.51477N 120.68208W 20-Jun-2016
Moved to Atascadero today to spend a few days with our daughter. Will probably leave here on Friday to head to Big River!

Hope all is good with all of you.

Gene & Merle

E-Mail rjjourneys .74 meter dish 5332 rjjourneys 99W 48.79000N 122.52000W 27-May-2016
Bellingham RV Park until we board for Alaska.

E-Mail Mikki & Stan .74 meter dish 6324 Mikki & Stan 83W 40.55239N 124.11813W 21-Jun-2016
finally made it to Randy’s for thewonderful 70 degree days. we will be here for a good while

E-Mail Carl & Gail .98 meter dish 8324 Carl & Gail 89W 40.57582N 124.15073W 19-Jun-2016
Fortuna, Ca, last stop in California before heading to Oregon. Also meeting up with 2 other Bda rv owners for a few weeks of travelling together. Today was a 200 mile drive and we’ve done double that on occasion, but half of it was curvaceous to say the least with large Redwoods on each side. Carl said it was the hardest drive he’s ever done. Been here about 8 years ago, but don’t remember that drive. I think there is more to come heading up the Oregon coast. Enjoyed Santa Rosa and Carl’s cousin’s party

E-Mail RobnEddie V 8550 RobnEddie N/A 34.10297N 112.82418W 23-Jun-2016
Back @ North Ranch

.74 meter dish 8606 Tweety and Sylvester 91W 43.74790N 121.45940W 23-Jun-2016
Back at Cascade Meadows for two weeks.

E-Mail Rich & Diane Emond V 9956 Rich & Diane Emond N/A 40.57555N 124.15047W 22-Jun-2016
We drove north on US 101. Signs warned truckers about ’TIGHT CURVES’. I don’t get white knuckles when I drive the motorhome, but..... A sign said ’road narrows’. OK, no problem. But the sign didn’t say anything about HUGE redwood trees right up to the road that all leaned into the road. Of course, it would happen that a semi was coming out of a curve that I was about to enter. I don’t want to know how close my right mirror came to the trees and my left mirror to his mirror. Whew!! We are in Fortuna, CA.

E-Mail Craig Scotty - W7TZL es AL7JU .74 meter dish 10132 Craig Scotty - W7TZL es AL7JU 117W 33.21090N 111.88450W 30-May-2016
Back home in the Virginia City Highlands without
further incidents. Here for the summer.

.74 meter dish 10353 The Vilsis 89W 46.00138N 123.90410W 22-Jun-2016
We stay @ Seaside RV Campground, Site 234; Seaside, OR - We sell Stained Glass = $20 - Handcrafted Hot Air Ballon = $25 - Can Spinner = $5 - Dirt Devil Central Vacum Bags 3 for $7.50 - Pleated Shade Restring Kit = $15

E-Mail campskunk .74 meter dish 13303 campskunk N/A 42.22800N 124.38290W 14-Jun-2016
just the two of us and Fiona the Fearless Kitty, retired and fulltiming in a Roadtrek. Our photos are here:
Back out on the road for the season, came straight out to the Pacific Coast Highway and working our way north as weather allows. The mother road for summer slackers. This mobile Ka band dish is wonderful. I chewed through 65 gigs last month. For $80.

+ 15714 Ray & Liza Down N/A 43.71852N 116.36881W 24-Jun-2016
forgot to post. Motorhome tucked away in the new garage at Darrell & Carolyn’s house in Eagle Id. leaving Monday for Terry and Betty’s place in Clark Fork Id.

E-Mail KoKo V 17197 KoKo N/A 44.98782N 112.88848W 23-Jun-2016
Near Dillion, MT parked on Clark Canyon Reservoir. Nice view. A Bureau of Reclamation facility. Free. A ramada for shade. The heat wave will break tomorrow. Plan to put the yaks in the water this afternoon and chill off.

We are right on the 45th parallel - half-way between the equator and the north pole.

Not updated in a few days, but in a few days

E-Mail Roadtechs V 22225 Roadtechs 89W 35.46000N 120.64000W 6-Jun-2016

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