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Reported location of members near 41.67564171 degrees N, 70.20988353 degrees W.

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EMailNoteDishUser IDNameZoom ToSatelliteLatitudeLongitudeLast Updated
E-Mail DickMAY .74 meter dish 648 DickMAY 89W 39.64281N 75.16382W 15-Aug-2019
A 1870 Roger K4RS and Toni K1TS N/A 40.26822N 76.52196W 9-Aug-2019
On the road, living the dream...

E-Mail 5thwheeler .74 meter dish 2778 5thwheeler 117W 36.12194N 81.86920W 26-Jul-2019
We have landed at our Summer location in The Village of Sugar Mountain, NC. The weather is beautiful today with temps in the 70s. We will be here until the first week of Oct.

E-Mail George and Josie Newsome O 2846 George and Josie Newsome 89W 42.20214N 70.85476W 12-Aug-2019
Wompatuck State ParkHingham, MAHere for a couple of weeks.42.20214227, -70.85476157

E-Mail Bill&Sharon + 3100 Bill&Sharon N/A 46.96140N 67.87312W 14-Aug-2019
E-Mail billjudy V 5214 billjudy N/A 32.77656N 80.14653W 19-Aug-2019
We are at Lake Aire RV Park in Hollywood, SC for the next 5 days

E-Mail Carl & Gail .98 meter dish 8324 Carl & Gail 89W 46.21207N 63.18662W 12-Aug-2019
Cornwall/Charlottetown, for a week winding down our Eastern Canada jaunt. Another beautiful island and the sight of the red clay shores from the dramatic Confederation Bridge never ceases to amaze. Then you have the patchwork farms on the hillside and the miles of potato fields. Plus the 270 km Confederation Trail for cyclists/walkers. We did a short part of it many years ago. And lets not forget the many golf courses.

E-Mail Dave & Willy .74 meter dish 8971 Dave & Willy 99W 43.78416N 80.32018W 21-Aug-2019
Back in Belwood ON for the time being. We’ll see where the summer takes us . . .

+ 18216 Ken&Sheila N/A 44.16022N 69.08429W 18-Aug-2019
Megunticook CG, Rockport, ME
here for a week.
Thanks to Jeff for suggesting this CG

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