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E-Mail Gary Smith V 55 Gary Smith N/A 48.85684N 99.61108W 19-Aug-2019
We left Minot ttthis morning and visited tthe International Peace Gardens on our way to Rolla, ND. Checkng land records for Homestead info for relattives in the County Courthouse. Karen’s Dad’s parents homesteaded here.

.74 meter dish 229 Terry & Betty Brewer 89W 46.69802N 113.42340W 21-Aug-2019
At Bearmouth Chalet Rv Park,Clinton,MT

E-Mail Bill and Diane V 1719 Bill and Diane 127W 46.96392N 114.12874W 21-Aug-2019
Jim and Mary’s RV Park, Missoula MT for a couple nights.

V 2102 Cramalot Inn N/A 48.37500N 120.20518W 9-Aug-2019
Been on the river since May. Life is GOOD!!!

E-Mail Keith & Brenda Krejci .74 meter dish 2832 Keith & Brenda Krejci 89W 47.95159N 116.60287W 18-Aug-2019
E-Mail DesertDale V 3058 DesertDale N/A 39.40920N 118.62894W 18-Aug-2019
Out of the hot Valley and in Nevada west of Fallon on the lonest highway

E-Mail Ken and Joanne Parsons V 3153 Ken and Joanne Parsons 99W 45.39825N 118.01018W 26-Jul-2019
7-26-19 We are back at the La Grande farm. Past fishing trip didnot result in out winter supply of fish. Ken and Joanne Parsons 541 963 8990

E-Mail Snackmaster & Jan .74 meter dish 3659 Snackmaster & Jan 121W 38.46541N 101.75678W 20-Aug-2019
Tribune, KS, Mountain View RVPark

E-Mail Freedom Vista V 5038 Freedom Vista 89W 39.11280N 108.32698W 20-Aug-2019
We arrived in Grand Junction, Colorado today. It is much different than other parts of the state, but the wineries and fruits are amazing. I overlook the Colorado River and the gorgeous cliffs.

E-Mail Don & Peg C 5080 Don & Peg N/A 34.55697N 111.87119W 12-Aug-2019
At home

.74 meter dish 8606 Tweety and Sylvester 91W 44.29330N 120.84380W 14-Aug-2019
Change of plans! We are at Crook County RV Park next to the fairgrounds in Prineville, OR for a week. Paved sites and streets but the sites are close. Really clean though.

E-Mail Jim2 + 8880 Jim2 N/A 37.66817N 106.63767W 25-Jul-2019
back in the mountains

E-Mail C & M Nomads .74 meter dish 10373 C & M Nomads 99W 51.27316N 114.46842W 7-Aug-2019
Moved out of the NP to a full hook up park near Cochrane, AB half way between Canmore and Calgary. We are back in civilization, with plenty of retail services around. Summer remains cool and wet. Staying here for 18 days. Different scenery, different landscape. See Ya Cathe

E-Mail pdq_bc O 12260 pdq_bc N/A 35.64339N 106.00579W 18-Aug-2019
we got underway at eight this morning. the traffic today was 90% semis. we have landed in santa fe at los suenos de santa fe rv park where we will stay for one week.

E-Mail ZiasMom V 22802 ZiasMom N/A 46.65028N 118.85745W 20-Aug-2019
I had a very nice few days in the Sunriver, OR area--the campground was about 30 mi. south of Bend. Thanks to Mary Knott and her sister, Liz, for the hospitality and sightseeing. Drove north along the east side of the Cascade Mtn. Range today--lots of up and down driving. Enjoyed seeing the wheat and other small grain being harvested and a nice drive along the Columbia River. 309 mi. to Connell, WA and 95 degrees upon my arrival.

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