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Reported location of members near 43.754 degrees N, 121.53003 degrees W.

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EMailNoteDishUser IDNameZoom ToSatelliteLatitudeLongitudeLast Updated
E-Mail Don Bradner .74 meter dish 1 Don Bradner 127W 40.79049N 124.13107W 11-Sep-2014
Home in Eureka for a few months.

E-Mail John Watson 1.2 meter dish 11 John Watson 93W 47.24549N 121.18647W 29-Sep-2014
weekend support for Mobilsat

E-Mail Jim & Lou Scott .74 meter dish 61 Jim & Lou Scott 87W 40.18297N 122.23070W 29-Sep-2014
Durango RV Resort #143
Red Bluff, CA

E-Mail offrovin D 89 offrovin 89W 36.04282N 115.07380W 14-Sep-2014
Home for a while after summer travels.

E-Mail rbunge .74 meter dish 98 rbunge 89W 47.22391N 121.00610W 22-Sep-2014
Moved on to Roslyn WA and moochdocing at our good friend Tad’s place.

.74 meter dish 229 Terry & Betty Brewer 89W 48.09417N 116.10932W 17-Sep-2014
At Idaho Cabin, Clark Fork, ID

E-Mail Art & Caroline .74 meter dish 413 Art & Caroline 121W 44.98351N 122.97507W 5-Sep-2014
Salem, OR: Home until sometime in October.

E-Mail Jim and Chris Guld + 787 Jim and Chris Guld N/A 36.58337N 121.90626W 2-Sep-2014
On our way to the central coast.

E-Mail Life .74 meter dish 1194 Life 99W 43.38772N 123.35320W 29-Sep-2014
E-Mail Joe and Hannah .74 meter dish 1219 Joe and Hannah 99W 43.47178N 110.77780W 27-Sep-2014
Jackson, Wy out 10/01/14

E-Mail Al & Sue Wilson W 1487 Al & Sue Wilson N/A 52.03390N 114.29100W 29-Sep-2014
Yup, still sitting at home. Lots of Hail. Motorhome has some repairs, one car fixed and the other in for dent removal and House needs new roof.

Life is good

E-Mail Larry Rebich V 1602 Larry Rebich N/A 40.61554N 122.37211W 17-Sep-2014
2014/09/17 Back at the Premier RV Resort in Redding, CA on pad 106 for a couple weeks. Elevation 617 feet. See this URL for details:

E-Mail Pat  and Dianna Jousset 1.2 meter dish 1896 Pat and Dianna Jousset 99W 49.34647N 113.61682W 27-Sep-2014
Still at home on our lot by Hillspring.

E-Mail motorhome05 .74 meter dish 1927 motorhome05 89W 41.05349N 121.40454W 26-Sep-2014
Hoping to fish

E-Mail Nat Childs .74 meter dish 2101 Nat Childs 91W 40.20000N 123.92400W 1-Sep-2014
Home in the hills of Northern CA again!

E-Mail Rich and Carol .74 meter dish 2233 Rich and Carol 83W 35.58715N 118.46754W 26-Sep-2014
Still home for the next few months.

E-Mail ron curry V 2415 ron curry 83W 43.55605N 116.23105W 11-Sep-2014
Heading south on I-84 and plan to arrive in Idaho on Friday for a week, then into Hill AFB for a week.

V 2435 Lee & Barbara Nuehring 83W 37.64732N 112.43539W 29-Sep-2014
We are at the most delightful little RV park in Hatch, Utah. Expect to be here for a month. Lots of scenic drives in the truck and forest service roads in the Dixie National Forest for ATVing will keep us occupied and happy. It is fall here, with very cool nights and partly sunny days.

E-Mail BigRabbitMan .74 meter dish 2569 BigRabbitMan 89W 37.06667N 121.56667W 4-Sep-2014
The coach is still out of commision for a major power train upgrade, but it almost complete.

E-Mail Lenp V 2752 Lenp N/A 44.59585N 121.11723W 18-Sep-2014
Still at home

.74 meter dish 2781 Mel and Linda Collart 89W 47.07972N 124.17070W 2-Sep-2014
at Washington coast.
Home on 9/7/2014.

E-Mail Keith & Brenda Krejci .74 meter dish 2832 Keith & Brenda Krejci 89W 42.69028N 124.43662W 11-Sep-2014
E-Mail George and Josie Newsome .74 meter dish 2846 George and Josie Newsome 89W 36.10954N 115.05929W 27-Sep-2014
Arrived at Sam’s Town
Las vegas, NV last night.

Staying a couple of weeks to enjoy the scenery and get some hikes in.

E-Mail dogpatch .74 meter dish 2852 dogpatch 99W 49.32871N 123.04720W 23-Sep-2014
Home .... just in time for the rain and cold weather

E-Mail Susan & Les D 2977 Susan & Les 83W 49.24128N 120.00168W 16-Sep-2014
Home at SunKatchers Lot #107. Come visit us anytime. Going south this winter,

E-Mail TurtleToad V 3068 TurtleToad N/A 47.85760N 122.31540W 22-Sep-2014
Staying with family in Lynnwood, WA. while our rig gets a new engine in The Dalles, OR.

E-Mail Ken and Joanne Parsons V 3153 Ken and Joanne Parsons 99W 39.59254N 119.15518W 28-Sep-2014
9-28-14 We arrived at Desert Rose RV Park Space 133 in Fernley, NV. Horray for electricity, water and sewer!!! One month of boondocking and we are ready for all the conveniences for a few days. It rained so much that we had to sit for 36 hrs waiting for a break to escape Rabbit Hole. Tried to go north via Gerloch but road washed out. Pre-drove to Imlay in pickup this morning then we brought the coach out. Rained most of the way to the RV Park so got a free wash job. Ken and Joanne Parsons 541 963 8990

E-Mail Sheppard4 A 3159 Sheppard4 N/A 43.68053N 124.18172W 27-Sep-2014
We are at Winchester Bay until 10/04 hoping to get some crabs.

E-Mail Gerald & Glenda Farris .74 meter dish 3325 Gerald & Glenda Farris 89W 37.00046N 111.50153W 29-Sep-2014
page, az for 3 days

E-Mail Murphy & Gail Horner .74 meter dish 3405 Murphy & Gail Horner 89W 42.56975N 114.59931W 22-Sep-2014
just checking out the size of Steelheads for Jerry Waldo.

E-Mail Ron and Wanda .74 meter dish 3444 Ron and Wanda 89W 36.12832N 115.07750W 26-Sep-2014
Early depature for Vegas. At TT and set up. Windy trip but beat the sprinkles that are starting to fall. May get somew thunder storms.

All is well,

Ron and Wanda

E-Mail irishrover              61201 .74 meter dish 3552 irishrover 61201 89W 38.51986N 109.48873W 18-Sep-2014
Here for a month.

E-Mail Frank & Barb Weimert .74 meter dish 3623 Frank & Barb Weimert 89W 44.62074N 121.13543W 19-Sep-2014
Jerrerson County Fairgrounds. Madras, OR. Til 9/26.

E-Mail Bob & Betsy .74 meter dish 3680 Bob & Betsy 117W 44.50913N 116.03532W 12-Sep-2014
Leave tomorrow for a week of riding on the Piaute Trail system in Richfield UT. Then home and get ready to leave in Oct for Wellton AZ for the winter. Had a Hibred HVAC system installed in the house and will leave it set at 50 for the winter.

E-Mail Bob & Judy Heiges + 3681 Bob & Judy Heiges N/A 36.31041N 116.01894W 28-Sep-2014
Bounder rally!

E-Mail Langley Video Solutions .74 meter dish 3711 Langley Video Solutions 99W 46.53035N 121.95476W 17-Sep-2014
Hi folks. I’m back......

E-Mail Marv and Ellen Precision RV 3949 Marv and Ellen Precision RV 99W 44.06339N 122.97519W 12-Sep-2014
We are in Eugene, OR until Oct 1st. Installing Solar and managing AM Solar Installations. This winter back in AZ doing the same. Great time for Solar for your RV. Stop By. We specialize in Solar, and RV Repair. Give a call if we can help. Safe Travels to all.

AM Solar RV Solar Specialist
Certified Mobile RV Service and Repair

Precision RV Service, Inc.
99W 1Watt

E-Mail connie and lorne .74 meter dish 4210 connie and lorne 83W 49.83770N 119.57750W 21-Sep-2014
April 11/14 - We’re home !!!!

E-Mail Elmer .98 meter dish 4229 Elmer 83W 39.20461N 121.08104W 29-Sep-2014
At the Fairgrounds for a couple of days

.74 meter dish 4637 Fred/Diane Hawley 89W 46.89887N 124.10710W 26-Sep-2014
Fred, Diane, and Belle seeing the world a few miles at a time. In Crescent City, CA enjoying the sights.

E-Mail Ginny & Bill & Sonya .74 meter dish 5038 Ginny & Bill & Sonya 89W 38.58568N 122.58420W 26-Sep-2014
We are in Napa Valley and will be enjoying the wineries, restaurants & geocaching for the next week. The grapes are being harvested and the weather is beautiful.

E-Mail Tony & Sharon .98 meter dish 5973 Tony & Sharon 127W 46.31197N 124.04830W 17-Sep-2014
Sharon "says Hello"
Hello to ALL
We be here at Eagle’s Nest in Ilwaco, WA.
Mom is so happy about her new DISHWASHER.
All is well here......

E-Mail IdahoRV .74 meter dish 6558 IdahoRV 127W 36.85895N 111.60483W 28-Sep-2014
Temps got into the 30’s last night at Jacob Lake, so it’s nice to be a bit warmer at Lees Ferry. We can see the rafters heading down the river from the campground.

E-Mail RobnEddie V 8550 RobnEddie N/A 36.90327N 111.48667W 29-Sep-2014
Page Az headed for North Ranch!

E-Mail Wayne&SandyQ .74 meter dish 8739 Wayne&SandyQ 99W 48.74697N 123.75384W 4-Sep-2014
Home in Duncan. Leavingfor "souther" Oct. 19th.

E-Mail Craig Scotty - W7TZL es AL7JU .74 meter dish 10132 Craig Scotty - W7TZL es AL7JU 117W 39.39138N 119.64180W 6-Sep-2014
Home for the summer.

V 10932 Diane and Andy Hitzel N/A 46.79983N 122.29626W 24-Sep-2014
Here for a bit.

E-Mail pdq_bc O 12260 pdq_bc N/A 47.97208N 117.44765W 25-Sep-2014
we departed missoula this morning, drove west out of montana and through idaho, and have landed in deer park where are staying for a week

E-Mail Phil & Patrice + 15225 Phil & Patrice N/A 46.18526N 123.92754W 26-Sep-2014
We are at Kamper’s West Kamp Ground in Warrenton, Oregon. Will be here about a week visiting friends and spending some time on the coast. Rain-rain-rain today.

E-Mail Frank & Charlou + 15408 Frank & Charlou N/A 35.14492N 114.58105W 27-Sep-2014
Harrah’s Casino, Laughlin

E-Mail Joe Dabney .74 meter dish 15621 Joe Dabney 91W 44.51890N 109.07330W 26-Sep-2014
At Ponderosa Campground in Cody, WY.

E-Mail Dave Violette .74 meter dish 16236 Dave Violette 99W 45.33808N 122.76320W 26-Sep-2014
Pheasant Ridge RV Resort, Wilsonville OR

.74 meter dish 16582 ViaBellaGio 91W 43.29262N 111.12550W 29-Sep-2014
Along the Gros Ventre river we saw some pronghorns, a few bison and a large bull moose this morning. We visited the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson and strolled the streets around the Jackson town square.

+ 18216 Ken&Sheila N/A 46.35760N 119.08437W 27-Sep-2014
Country Merchantile

+ 19862 BobWWTN N/A 36.31043N 116.01912W 28-Sep-2014
here for Bounders United rally

E-Mail Larry & Kathy Belikoff V 20595 Larry & Kathy Belikoff N/A 37.20244N 113.17781W 28-Sep-2014
visiting Zion National Park while staying at Zion River Resort.

E-Mail Don & Cheryl VonderBurg .74 meter dish 20771 Don & Cheryl VonderBurg 89W 45.54473N 122.43996W 9-Sep-2014
FT RV’ing since Aug 2013 :-)
Home base is Portland OR
At the Portland Fairview RV park which is full. We’ll be home until Oct.

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