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Reported location of members near 43.78416 degrees N, 80.32018 degrees W.

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EMailNoteDishUser IDNameZoom ToSatelliteLatitudeLongitudeLast Updated
E-Mail Dale Reynolds V 662 Dale Reynolds 99W 35.80665N 85.06581W 30-Aug-2019
Where I am now.

E-Mail Bob Keller .74 meter dish 1662 Bob Keller 99W 35.40386N 83.31522W 13-Sep-2019
Summer is fast coming to an end, leaves are starting to fall, winter will be here soon.

A 1870 Roger K4RS and Toni K1TS N/A 39.96192N 76.95629W 9-Sep-2019
On the road, living the dream...

E-Mail 5thwheeler .74 meter dish 2778 5thwheeler 117W 36.12194N 81.86920W 27-Aug-2019
We have landed at our Summer location in The Village of Sugar Mountain, NC. The weather is beautiful today with temps in the 70s. We will be here until the first week of Oct.

E-Mail John & Nancy Kelker .74 meter dish 2979 John & Nancy Kelker 89W 41.98206N 80.00897W 13-Sep-2019
13 Sep (Fri): Sparrow Pond Family Camp, Waterford, PA, to Sunday. Today, Friday the 13th, is a wonderful milestone as ‘tis Nancy’s birthday which over the past 23 years we’ve celebrated in Port Isabel, TX; West Yellowstone, MT; Independence, Kansas City, Blue Springs (2), Lee’s Summit (5), and Carthage, in MO; Kaysville, Salt Lake City and Bryce in UT; Reno, NV; Dennisport, MA; Charlotte, MI; Cortez and Canon City in CO; Boise, ID; Diamond Lake, OR; and Waterford, PA. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the love of my life.

E-Mail Bill & Marilyn Register V 3271 Bill & Marilyn Register 83W 34.91625N 83.68511W 15-Sep-2019
After time in the sun, almost a hurricane, and a couple of tropical storms, it is time to head back to the Georgia Mountains for the Fall. Should be there close to the 1st of October.

E-Mail Murphy & Gail Horner .74 meter dish 3405 Murphy & Gail Horner 89W 36.47465N 84.95012W 26-Aug-2019
E-Mail james & margie gore V 4335 james & margie gore N/A 35.95986N 83.92455W 3-Sep-2019
Knoxville, TN

E-Mail Jean & Larry Rusch .74 meter dish 4719 Jean & Larry Rusch 113W 43.03000N 89.34000W 23-Aug-2019
In Wisconsin for the summer. Be back at Caliente in October.

E-Mail billjudy V 5214 billjudy N/A 35.19573N 86.35136W 28-Aug-2019
We are at Kathy & Ricks in Mulberry TN for a week or so.

E-Mail Alek and Lucia .74 meter dish 7674 Alek and Lucia 99W 41.20500N 89.44972W 9-Sep-2019
We are now in Putnam, IL at Lake Thunderbird.
Stop by and visit us if you passing by,

E-Mail Carl & Gail .98 meter dish 8324 Carl & Gail 89W 42.95055N 70.91352W 5-Sep-2019
Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, for a 3 day stop to see a few college friends and learned there’s a special event.... the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival. Nice way to end our summer. Turns out our last stop, Naples, is the pontoon boat capital and so it is. We didn’t venture into renting one to explore the lake. We chose the easy way...a 2 hour narrated tour in a 100 ft (and probably just as old) paddle wheeler. Want to send our best to friends in Nova Scotia with Dorian’s weekend visit.

E-Mail roland//suzanne + 8887 roland//suzanne N/A 44.66969N 72.04769W 8-Sep-2019
after escaping two tornados and a near miss from Ms Dorian , we are at daughter’s in the Northeast Kingdom , Vermont for a few days Happy Trails to All .If you would rather not receive these location updates , just reply with remove

E-Mail Dave & Willy .74 meter dish 8971 Dave & Willy 99W 43.78416N 80.32018W 21-Aug-2019
Back in Belwood ON for the time being. We’ll see where the summer takes us . . .

+ 18216 Ken&Sheila N/A 44.44265N 72.70729W 11-Sep-2019
Goldbrook Campground, Stowe, VT fro a week

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