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Reported location of members near 44.98351 degrees N, 122.97507 degrees W.

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EMailNoteDishUser IDNameZoom ToSatelliteLatitudeLongitudeLast Updated
E-Mail Don Bradner .74 meter dish 1 Don Bradner 127W 40.79049N 124.13102W 25-Sep-2016
Home in Eureka.

E-Mail Jim & Lou Scott V 61 Jim & Lou Scott N/A 43.17391N 124.19604W 11-Oct-2016
Rivers Edge RV Park, #23
Coquille, OR

E-Mail Arnie and Elly Weisbrot V 181 Arnie and Elly Weisbrot 83W 53.01062N 112.79215W 16-Oct-2016
Six months in Wetaskiwin, AB, volunteering at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum. Temporarily relocated to Camrose, AB. Depart end October.

E-Mail Al & Sue Wilson W 1487 Al & Sue Wilson N/A 52.03390N 114.29100W 15-Oct-2016
We are still in Canada.

Life is good

E-Mail Bill and Diane V 1719 Bill and Diane 127W 47.12934N 123.10396W 20-Oct-2016
Little Creek Casino RV Park, Shelton, WA for one week.

E-Mail motorhome05 .74 meter dish 1927 motorhome05 89W 38.14174N 121.69640W 11-Oct-2016
Gary is ready to fish on the Delta

E-Mail BigRabbitMan .74 meter dish 2569 BigRabbitMan 89W 43.78320N 123.05740W 3-Oct-2016
At home.

E-Mail Dan and Sarah F 2696 Dan and Sarah N/A 47.56410N 120.16270W 13-Oct-2016
Back at home on Badger Mountain, Northeast of Wenatchee WA. 3840 ft elevation. Beautiful view of Mt Rainier across the Cascade Mountain Range From Eastern Washington!

.74 meter dish 3680 Bob & Betsy 117W 44.50922N 116.03547W 14-Oct-2016
Back home for a couple months. Betsy’s surgery is in the books and she is recuperating much quicker than we thought. Her next Dr appointment is the end of the month and we are contemplating heading south the 1st full week of November, about a month earlier than we anticipated.

E-Mail Langley Video Solutions .74 meter dish 3711 Langley Video Solutions 99W 46.67878N 123.76203W 19-Oct-2016
Hello everyone. I’ve been in Raymond, WA for the past couple of days counting rain drops. I have to say since my entry into the Northwest all it has done is rain and rain hard. I’m here visiting friends and getting in an occasional golf game but won’t be here very much longer. it would be nice to see some meaningful sunshine again. Take Care all.

E-Mail pdq_bc O 12260 pdq_bc N/A 49.24896N 122.91126W 9-Oct-2016
this morning we drove west from kelowna to merritt, then south to hope, then west to burnaby. traffic was steady all day, but ready busy within the lower mainland. we have landed in burnaby at the burnaby cariboo rv park where we’re staying until boxing day.

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