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Reported location of members near 44.98351 degrees N, 122.97507 degrees W.

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EMailNoteDishUser IDNameZoom ToSatelliteLatitudeLongitudeLast Updated
E-Mail Don Bradner V 1 Don Bradner N/A 40.79049N 124.13103W 22-May-2017
Home in Eureka for awhile.

E-Mail Jim & Lou Scott C 61 Jim & Lou Scott N/A 43.38807N 124.24271W 1-May-2017
Inland Point - North Bend, OR

E-Mail rbunge .74 meter dish 98 rbunge 89W 42.84231N 111.60436W 17-May-2017
Camp Host at Blackfoot Reservoir just north of Soda Springs ID

E-Mail Arnie and Elly Weisbrot V 181 Arnie and Elly Weisbrot 83W 52.98787N 113.35243W 1-May-2017
Volunteering for the summer at Reynolds-Alberta Museum in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Depart Oct.

.74 meter dish 229 Terry & Betty Brewer 89W 44.21271N 123.19838W 22-May-2017
At Premier RV, Junction City, OR

E-Mail Art & Caroline C 413 Art & Caroline N/A 44.98363N 122.97506W 29-Apr-2017
Salem, OR: Home for the summer

E-Mail Al & Sue Wilson C 1487 Al & Sue Wilson N/A 52.03390N 114.29100W 21-May-2017
We back in Canada. It was a good winter in Blythe. Should be a good summer in Gleniffer.
Life is good

E-Mail LeRoy 1591 LeRoy 99W 47.51190N 111.25816W 19-May-2017
Summer home

E-Mail Larry Rebich V 1602 Larry Rebich N/A 44.13215N 123.04961W 16-May-2017
2017/05/16 At the Premier RV Resort in Eugene, OR on pad 139 for 10 days or so. Elevation 431 feet. See: for trip details

E-Mail Bill and Diane V 1719 Bill and Diane 127W 48.94548N 122.74459W 25-May-2017
Birch Bay TT, Blaine WA for one week.

V 2102 Cramalot Inn N/A 48.37500N 120.20518W 3-May-2017
Back on the river. Beautiful. life is good

E-Mail BigRabbitMan A 2569 BigRabbitMan 89W 43.78320N 123.05740W 25-May-2017
At home.

E-Mail Dan and Sarah F 2696 Dan and Sarah N/A 47.56410N 120.16270W 6-May-2017
Back at home on Badger Mountain, Northeast of Wenatchee WA. 3840 ft elevation. Beautiful view of Mt Rainier across the Cascade Mountain Range From Eastern Washington!

E-Mail Keith & Brenda Krejci .74 meter dish 2832 Keith & Brenda Krejci 89W 42.06744N 124.31124W 29-Apr-2017
E-Mail George and Josie Newsome .74 meter dish 2846 George and Josie Newsome 89W 47.33118N 122.04390W 17-May-2017
Lake Sawyer Resort
Black Diamond, WA

Here until July 17 to explore.

E-Mail John & Nancy Kelker .74 meter dish 2979 John & Nancy Kelker 89W 41.01427N 111.91303W 17-May-2017
17 May (Wed): Cherry Hill Campground, Kaysville, UT, to 30 May. Monday we made a 19-mile trek north from the SLC KOA, nearer two sons, their wonderful wives and four grandkids: 7, 11, 14, and 16. Moving Time Bandit with Rubi J in tow that short distance requires the same preparation as moving 190+ miles. This morning we awoke to 1" of snow in the campground and 12" - 18" high in the mountains one mile to the east, conditions we didnít sign up for. Global warming? Climate change? Hmmmmm, we sometimes wonder!

E-Mail DesertDale .74 meter dish 3058 DesertDale 117W 38.67813N 121.40632W 19-May-2017
Back to Rio Linda, CA

E-Mail Ken and Joanne Parsons V 3153 Ken and Joanne Parsons 99W 45.39825N 118.01018W 20-May-2017
5-20-17 We have arrived at the La Grande, Or farm. Ken and Joanne Parsons 541 963 8990

E-Mail sheppard4 A 3159 sheppard4 N/A 46.19390N 119.28005W 8-May-2017
We are at the Columbia Sun RV Resort until 6/08.

E-Mail irishrover              61201 .74 meter dish 3552 irishrover 61201 89W 44.13364N 123.05657W 24-May-2017
Here for a week.

.74 meter dish 3680 Bob & Betsy 117W 37.23005N 113.28502W 24-May-2017
Back in Toquerville for a week or so, then back to Cascade for awhile. I think this will be the story of the summer 2017 :)

E-Mail Langley Video Solutions .74 meter dish 3711 Langley Video Solutions 99W 43.79028N 114.42227W 26-May-2017
Hey Folks. I made it to my spot in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area just north of Ketchum, ID. I’m volunteering here for the rest of the season. it’s overcast with very low clouds as I author this message so I have yet to take in the beauty of my surroundings. I’m sure it will be breathtaking. it’s 3:00 in the afternoon and 45 degrees. What a life. ¬† ¬†

.74 meter dish 8606 Tweety and Sylvester 91W 37.09980N 121.01740W 24-May-2017
A week at Santa Nella RV Park in Gustine, CA

E-Mail David and Lynn Cross V 9433 David and Lynn Cross N/A 42.96761N 110.97022W 10-May-2017
We travelled 372 miles from the Elks lodge in Caldwell, ID to Star Valley Ranch RV Resort in Thayne, WY. We are on our lot, #384 and will be here until some time in September.

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E-Mail Craig Scotty - W7TZL es AL7JU .74 meter dish 10132 Craig Scotty - W7TZL es AL7JU 117W 38.52530N 118.62230W 21-May-2017
Home by noon baring any more problems.

.74 meter dish 10353 The Vilsis 89W 46.00410N 123.90380W 24-May-2017
We stay @ Seaside RV Campground, Site 146; Seaside, OR - We sell Stained Glass = $20 - Handcrafted Hot Air Ballon = $25 - Can Spinner = $5 - Dirt Devil Central Vacum Bags 3 for $7.50

E-Mail C & M Nomads .74 meter dish 10373 C & M Nomads 99W 36.54601N 118.04623W 19-May-2017
Pulled into a park just south of Lone Pine, CA. Eastern side of Sierra Mountains, lots of snow on the peaks. Will be here for 14 days. See Ya Cathe

+ 18216 Ken&Sheila N/A 43.67939N 124.18498W 26-May-2017
Winchester Bay RV Resort for the long weekend

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