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Reported location of members near 44.98351 degrees N, 122.97507 degrees W.

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EMailNoteDishUser IDNameZoom ToSatelliteLatitudeLongitudeLast Updated
E-Mail Don Bradner .74 meter dish 1 Don Bradner 127W 40.79049N 124.13102W 14-Jun-2015
At home in Eureka for awhile.

E-Mail Jim & Lou Scott .74 meter dish 61 Jim & Lou Scott 87W 48.67984N 118.66660W 15-Jun-2015
Winchester RV Park #24
Republic, WA

E-Mail offrovin V 89 offrovin 89W 44.62582N 111.33370W 8-Jun-2015
Valley View RV until 7/8.

.74 meter dish 229 Terry & Betty Brewer 89W 48.09412N 116.10915W 11-Jun-2015
At Idaho Cabin

E-Mail Art & Caroline C 413 Art & Caroline 121W 44.98351N 122.97507W 14-Jun-2015
Salem, OR: Back home for the summer

E-Mail Bill Sherwood .74 meter dish 775 Bill Sherwood 117W 45.78000N 120.88560W 20-Jun-2015
At Windy Ranch for a while... Who knows...

see where I am:

E-Mail Dick & Rockey A 933 Dick & Rockey 99W 44.11153N 123.13948W 24-Jun-2015
Here for a week.

E-Mail Life V 1194 Life N/A 46.53058N 121.95483W 19-Jun-2015
Life is a run-through for what we’re gonna post on Facebook.

E-Mail Roger and Lila A 1483 Roger and Lila 99W 46.61060N 122.95288W 9-Jun-2015
Back home in WA for the summer, hope it gets here soon.

E-Mail Al & Sue Wilson W 1487 Al & Sue Wilson N/A 52.03390N 114.29100W 14-Jun-2015
We are back to Gleniffer Lake. Should be here for the summer.

Life is good

E-Mail LeRoy 1591 LeRoy 99W 47.51205N 111.25811W 15-Jun-2015
Home for the summer

E-Mail Larry Rebich V 1602 Larry Rebich N/A 44.93530N 124.02050W 24-Jun-2015
2015/06/24 On pad 47, Premier RV Resort, Lincoln City, OR for a couple weeks. Elevation 105 feet. See for details.

E-Mail Bob Keller .74 meter dish 1662 Bob Keller 117W 43.91049N 110.63646W 28-Jun-2015
This will be home until around the end of Sept. Grand Teton National Park and summer has arrived.

E-Mail Bill and Diane V 1719 Bill and Diane 127W 46.31403N 124.05218W 24-Jun-2015
Eagle’s Nest Resort #B22, Ilwaco, WA until 7/8.

E-Mail Pat  and Dianna Jousset 1.2 meter dish 1896 Pat and Dianna Jousset 99W 49.34652N 113.61690W 3-Jun-2015
Still at home on our lot at the Canadian Barn Dance by Hillspring, Alberta

E-Mail bkmussman V 2027 bkmussman 83W 44.18975N 123.20144W 23-Jun-2015
Junction City at our favorite repair shop

V 2102 Cramalot Inn N/A 48.37500N 120.20518W 5-Jun-2015
Sitting on the river til whenever.
Life is good.

E-Mail BigRabbitMan .74 meter dish 2569 BigRabbitMan 89W 37.06667N 121.56667W 28-Jun-2015
The coach is still out of commision for a major power train upgrade, but it almost complete.

E-Mail Lenp V 2752 Lenp N/A 44.59587N 121.11800W 17-Jun-2015
Still at home

E-Mail Ed Sommers A 2753 Ed Sommers N/A 40.99000N 115.54000W 20-Jun-2015
E-Mail Keith & Brenda Krejci .74 meter dish 2832 Keith & Brenda Krejci 89W 44.67484N 124.06529W 29-Jun-2015
E-Mail DesertDale .74 meter dish 3058 DesertDale 117W 38.59490N 119.33574W 22-Jun-2015
Parked along Desert Creek in western Nevada. Phone doesn’t work

E-Mail Ken and Joanne Parsons V 3153 Ken and Joanne Parsons 99W 45.39825N 118.01018W 24-Jun-2015
6-24-15 We are back at the farm with 15 lbs of crappie fillets from the Snake River. Ken and Joanne Parsons 541 963 8990

E-Mail Sheppard4 A 3159 Sheppard4 N/A 46.27117N 119.20328W 29-Jun-2015
We are at the Pasco KOA RV Park until 7/02.

.74 meter dish 3330 John & Rita Ham 117W 46.31853N 124.06257W 29-Jun-2015
Now at Thousand Trails in Long Beach, Washington for the next two weeks.

E-Mail Murphy & Gail Horner .74 meter dish 3405 Murphy & Gail Horner 89W 44.70525N 111.09935W 28-Jun-2015
Enjoying the pine trees.

E-Mail Patty and Dan .98 meter dish 3512 Patty and Dan 89W 47.19666N 121.96050W 20-Jun-2015
Enumclaw, WA for 3 nights.........

E-Mail Dick & Kathy V 3525 Dick & Kathy 83W 46.31865N 124.06053W 18-Jun-2015
Seaview WA Thousand Trails until July 6

E-Mail irishrover              61201 .74 meter dish 3552 irishrover 61201 89W 47.74271N 116.80284W 20-Jun-2015
Here for a month.

.74 meter dish 3680 Bob & Betsy 117W 44.50921N 116.03540W 18-Jun-2015
Home till August, then off to UT for a month

E-Mail Langley Video Solutions .74 meter dish 3711 Langley Video Solutions 99W 46.53116N 121.95545W 23-Jun-2015
Hello Folks. At Maple Grove RV and Golf in Randle, WA for a couple of weeks. Sorry to say it is going to get hot here by the weekend. Not what I’m used to out here.

E-Mail Doug and Sheila D 4271 Doug and Sheila N/A 45.20369N 123.13674W 9-Jun-2015
We had a long day getting to McMinnville, Oregon. A seam split on one of our wheels on the motorhome. We drove about 300 miles round trip picking up a new wheel. Then we drove through temperatures that ranged from 102 to 105 degrees. The wind was blowing pretty hard in the Gorge too. Anyway, we made it. We will be here at Olde Stone Village RV Park until July 15th. Time to settle in and see our friends and relatives.

E-Mail Joel Buchan .98 meter dish 4594 Joel Buchan 89W 39.75841N 121.80614W 29-Jun-2015
06-29-2015: One thing about our mode of travel, there is none. Will hunker down at this very nice Elks Lodge for the next seven days. Might go up to Lassen after the 4th or might go up the I-5. If we do Lassen, eastern Oregon would be next. Place your bets now.
Stay tuned, Joel

E-Mail Gene&Merle .98 meter dish 5193 Gene&Merle 83W 40.68648N 122.03843W 24-Jun-2015
Back to the ranch. We will be here for the next 2 weeks while we wait to go back to Reno for Merle’s appointments. We will probably be there for about two months while the treatments progress. We are both really looking forward to our next stay in Reno!

Hope all is good with all of you.

Gene & Merle

E-Mail Tony & Sharon .98 meter dish 5973 Tony & Sharon 127W 47.16238N 122.13930W 8-Jun-2015
Sharon "says Hello"
Hello to ALL
We are in Bonney Lake, WA. for the Summer..........GOD BLESS

E-Mail Mikki & Stan .74 meter dish 6324 Mikki & Stan 83W 38.75030N 121.31292W 18-Jun-2015
We are in Roseville,CA visiting mom.She’s doing better but still weak and in a wheelchair. Leaving tomorrow for Oregon to see Angie and grandson Morgan. Trip so far has been uneventful but HOT. Looking forward to a little cooler in Oregon

E-Mail Carl & Gail .74 meter dish 8324 Carl & Gail 89W 47.12935N 123.10430W 27-Jun-2015
Shelton, WA. Had a super wonderful 10 days in Bda with friends and family with great weather. On our return we spent a full day downtown Seattle taking in the Science Center for an Imax experience, Pike’s Public Market for some fresh seafood, the always fun Duck Tour on land and sea, the incredible Chuhuly Garden and Glass Museum, topped off with a memorable Thai dinner in the university area. Only downside was the traffic, but we didn’t let it interfere with our plans. Weather is now unusually hot.

E-Mail Dave & Sandy .74 meter dish 8712 Dave & Sandy 127W 46.96456N 114.12874W 16-Jun-2015
Missoula, MT for 2 days, going to the Allison Krauss/Willie Nelson concert.

E-Mail David and Lynn Cross V 9433 David and Lynn Cross N/A 42.96439N 110.96687W 1-Jun-2015
Today we travelled 266 miles from Springville, UT to Star Valley Ranch in Thayne, WY where we are in site 622 for the month of June.

If you would rather not receive these location updates, just reply with REMOVE in the Subject Line.

E-Mail pdq_bc O 12260 pdq_bc N/A 49.24896N 122.91080W 5-Jun-2015
we have arrived back in burnaby. it was an easy drive this morning with zero wait time at the border.

E-Mail campskunk .74 meter dish 13303 campskunk 121W 42.29680N 124.40790W 26-Jun-2015
just the two of us and Fiona the Fearless Kitty, retired and fulltiming in a Roadtrek. Our photos are here:
Boondocking up and down the Pacific Coast Highway, staring out over 10,000 km of nothing by day and watching the faraway lights of the fishing boats offshore as I nod off every night. This is truly the mother road for summer slackers. Location is approximate.

E-Mail Frank & Charlou + 15408 Frank & Charlou N/A 45.70422N 120.72030W 23-Jun-2015
Back at John Day Dam

1.2 meter dish 18685 Nostraroberts 89W 48.33227N 124.65940W 26-Jun-2015
@ Hobuck Beach

E-Mail Larry & Kathy Belikoff V 20595 Larry & Kathy Belikoff N/A 38.04291N 120.52181W 29-Jun-2015
Now at Angels Camp RV Resort for the month of June. Hoping to get some time at Yosemite.

E-Mail Don & Cheryl VonderBurg .74 meter dish 20771 Don & Cheryl VonderBurg 89W 45.54465N 122.44037W 30-Jun-2015
FT RV’ing since Aug 2013 :-)
Home base is Portland OR
Back in Portland area. We will be here for a couple of months.

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