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Reported location of members near 63.74749 degrees N, 148.89835 degrees W.

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EMailNoteDishUser IDNameZoom ToSatelliteLatitudeLongitudeLast Updated
E-Mail Jon & Linda V 16312 Jon & Linda N/A 61.22216N 149.86990W 19-Jul-2018
Put Linda’s brother on the plane this AM. Will be here 4 more days. I appreciate the offer of help from many of you. I was able to order the pins from Blue OX and have them shipped to general delivery. Fed X will not ship to Post office boxes. While I had their attention, I asked how long the tow bars are supposed to last. They recommend 10 years or 70,000 miles. Mine are 15 years and 100,000 miles! I will order a new set when I get home. Wish me luck.

E-Mail Henry & Margaret Wishard A 22426 Henry & Margaret Wishard N/A 59.61112N 151.44212W 17-Jul-2018
Arrived in Homer, Alaska today Already caught 2 silver salmon.

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