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E-Mail Alek and Lucia .74 meter dish 7674 Alek and Lucia 99W 41.20500N 89.44972W 20-Oct-2019
We are now in Putnam, IL at Lake Thunderbird.
Stop by and visit us if you passing by,

E-Mail Altar To Altar Ministries + 22393 Altar To Altar Ministries N/A 29.76040N 95.36980W 15-Oct-2019
Hanging out in Houston, Texas for a little while ...

E-Mail Bill & Marilyn Register V 3271 Bill & Marilyn Register 83W 34.91625N 83.68511W 16-Oct-2019
Back in the Mountains for a few weeks for fall leaves. Hopefully they will be good this year.

E-Mail Bob McDougall V 2253 Bob McDougall N/A 26.21840N 98.17580W 10-Oct-2019
Oct 10th Day 9 Tip O Texas RV Resort Pharr, TX

Made it safe and sound from Goliad, TX in 4 hours in heat and wind. 71 leaving and 96 on arrival. No server yesterday but traveled from Granger lake to Goliad. The whole trip went well with no problems but a little hectic in construction zones where you had one lane of 10 ft for miles. Going to take a while getting use to the heat. Here for the winter and the last blog.

Vagabond & a Dog,
Bob & Khloe

E-Mail Dale Reynolds V 662 Dale Reynolds 99W 35.80665N 85.06581W 29-Sep-2019
Where I am now.

E-Mail DutchStar .74 meter dish 874 DutchStar 89W 30.64356N 94.87054W 19-Oct-2019
Back in Livingston, Texas getting ready for our winter trip to La Penita Mexico

E-Mail Fulltimingman C 16 Fulltimingman N/A 30.41470N 97.93070W 10-Oct-2019
Back in Austin

E-Mail james & margie gore V 4335 james & margie gore N/A 35.95986N 83.92455W 3-Oct-2019
Knoxville, TN

E-Mail Jim2 + 8880 Jim2 N/A 37.66817N 106.63767W 24-Sep-2019
back in the mountains

.74 meter dish 10097 JJL Traveler 121W 29.33080N 99.25592W 2-Oct-2019
E-Mail John & Nancy Kelker .74 meter dish 2979 John & Nancy Kelker 89W 28.06897N 82.77066W 17-Oct-2019
16 Oct (Wed): Caladesi RV Park, Palm Harbor, FL, to 06 Nov. So ends our 1,571-mile, 20-day run from Alexandria Bay, NY. Although Nancy drove “just” 754 miles she maintains her overall title as Time Bandit’s primary driver and along the way our wonderful magic bus turned 247,000 miles, then 248,000 miles. We had hoped to see the seasonal “changing of the colors” but being a bit too early we had only an occasional glimpse. Of course, here in FL palm trees are always green which is okay with us.

+ 18216 Ken&Sheila N/A 39.11862N 94.81564W 22-Oct-2019
Cabelas, KC,KS
for the night

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