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Reported location of members near 26.285 degrees N, 98.1423333333 degrees W.

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E-Mail John & Nancy Kelker .74 meter dish 2979 John & Nancy Kelker 89W 26.06723N 97.20504W 3-Apr-2020
02 Apr (Thu): Long Island Village, Port Isabel, TX. Like most, we are anchored for the duration of COVID-19 and sailing uncharted waters. Keeping busy by alternating daily workouts of 7.4-mile bike rides and 3.2-mile power walks, our time is also occupied by a myriad of coach, jeep, bike, and boat projects. On this day in 1513 Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon claimed Florida for Spain. We once visited his fabled “Fountain of Youth” in St. Augustine and sipped its waters - worked for Nancy, not so much for me.

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