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Reported location of members near 32.73661 degrees N, 111.66303 degrees W.

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EMailNoteDishUser IDNameZoom ToSatelliteLatitudeLongitudeLast Updated
.74 meter dish 229 Terry & Betty Brewer 89W 32.64349N 114.37823W 16-Jan-2022
At Yuma House, Yuma AZ

E-Mail Bill and Diane V 1719 Bill and Diane 127W 33.42242N 111.75262W 11-Jan-2022
Val Vista Village in Mesa Arizona for the winter.

.74 meter dish 3058 DesertDale N/A 33.75742N 114.18469W 11-Jan-2022
At Quartzsite, AZ with the boondockers

E-Mail Ken and Joanne Parsons W 3153 Ken and Joanne Parsons 99W 32.73661N 111.66303W 12-Jan-2022
1-12-2022 Wow three months since we arrived in Arizona. Appears out winter is over as temperature is rising slowly. Headed for Quartszite Jan 25th for Escapees Metal and Prospectors Club meet. Life is good. Ken and Joanne Parsons 541 963 8990

.74 meter dish 3623 Frank & Barb 89W 34.55079N 114.34732W 16-Jan-2022
Back home on Lot 89 Lake Havasu City AZ

E-Mail Don & Peg C 5080 Don & Peg N/A 34.55697N 111.87119W 20-Jan-2022
At home

E-Mail boatcat V 5866 boatcat 117W 32.31810N 111.22351W 14-Jan-2022
The desert, winter is on.

Chuck & Gigi

.74 meter dish 8606 Tweety and Sylvester 91W 33.72150N 112.07830W 14-Jan-2022
We are unable to travel anymore so are ’stuck’ in AZ.

E-Mail roland//suzanne + 8887 roland//suzanne N/A 33.76771N 114.17067W 22-Jan-2022
Where’s WALDO!!!! Westward Ho !!!!! ------ Quartzsite AZ. near Calif. border about 20 miles Biggest gathering of RV’S in the WORLD. Friends from California are not with us for the first time in Years. They are the reason we started coming here!! They are all missed Dearly! , Roland & Suzanne Happy Trails to All .If you would rather not receive these location updates , just reply with remove

E-Mail Dave & Willy W 8971 Dave & Willy N/A 32.63051N 114.38670W 16-Jan-2022
Yuma for the winter . . .
And back from the trip north to celebrate Christmas with family.
And finally ditched HughesNet in favor of better Internet service!

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