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E-Mail Don Bradner .74 meter dish 1 Don Bradner 127W 40.79049N 124.13107W 10-Oct-2014
Home in Eureka for a few months.

E-Mail Life .74 meter dish 1194 Life 99W 38.11361N 121.58890W 15-Oct-2014
Starting next Monday is "Let’s all be nice to each other, and let’s not help out the people that want to mess things up" week. Or LABNTOEOALNHOTPTWTMTU, for short. Pass it around.

E-Mail motorhome05 .74 meter dish 1927 motorhome05 89W 37.04817N 120.84147W 18-Oct-2014
back in los Banos. bad electric at campground we were on

E-Mail Nat Childs .74 meter dish 2101 Nat Childs 91W 40.20000N 123.92400W 30-Sep-2014
Home in the hills of Northern CA again, back to Quartzsite via Death Valley at the end of October.

E-Mail BigRabbitMan .74 meter dish 2569 BigRabbitMan 89W 37.06667N 121.56667W 4-Oct-2014
The coach is still out of commision for a major power train upgrade, but it almost complete.

E-Mail Theo Suds .98 meter dish 2661 Theo Suds 123W 39.87291N 122.20550W 9-Oct-2014
Verdi for a month

E-Mail Sheppard4 A 3159 Sheppard4 N/A 38.12355N 122.22510W 16-Oct-2014
We are at the Vallejo Elks until 10/20.

.74 meter dish 3423 Paul & Mary Wells 83W 38.58656N 121.42320W 18-Oct-2014
Sacramento, CA - We said goodbye to Reno till Spring. We’ll visit with the Buckmans for a few days then head south. Today we enjoyed Nick playing soccer and Randy coaching Katie in her soccer game.

E-Mail Bob & Judy Heiges + 3681 Bob & Judy Heiges N/A 36.98985N 121.51510W 19-Oct-2014
Back in Gilroy for about a week.

E-Mail Elmer .98 meter dish 4229 Elmer 83W 38.68958N 118.76926W 14-Oct-2014
moved over to Walker Lake near Hawthorne Nv. for about 5 days hoping I can get into and out of my Kayak this is a nice lake for it.

E-Mail Gene&Merle .98 meter dish 5193 Gene&Merle 83W 40.68650N 122.03860W 7-Oct-2014
Back to the ranch! Will be here for a few weeks of more ranch repair and doctor’s appointments, then on to Sonoma Raceway, then back to the ranch, then back to Sonoma Raceway, then back to the ranch, then to Thunderhill Raceway for the 24 Hour, then heading south.

Hope all is good with all of you!

Gene & Merle

E-Mail Craig Scotty - W7TZL es AL7JU .74 meter dish 10132 Craig Scotty - W7TZL es AL7JU 117W 39.39138N 119.64180W 6-Oct-2014
Home for the summer.

E-Mail Phil & Patrice + 15225 Phil & Patrice N/A 39.17202N 119.74229W 16-Oct-2014
We are at the Gold Dust RV Park in Carson City, NV. Nice drive today with no wind. Will be here at least a week visiting our son and family. Good to be out of the wind and rain.

E-Mail Dave Violette .74 meter dish 16236 Dave Violette 99W 38.85689N 121.28190W 20-Oct-2014
Lincoln CA

.74 meter dish 16582 ViaBellaGio 91W 37.73544N 119.56410W 20-Oct-2014
Monday we drove most of the Mother Lode Highway (CA hwy. 49). We detoured thru Amador City and strolled Sutter Creek Main street. Also, we visited the authentic Columbia State Historic Park.
The end of the afternoon we arrived in Yosemite NP and are now in the beautiful Yosemite Valley.

+ 19862 BobWWTN N/A 37.05597N 121.66613W 20-Oct-2014
here for a week

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