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Reported location of members near 43.754 degrees N, 121.53003 degrees W.

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EMailNoteDishUser IDNameZoom ToSatelliteLatitudeLongitudeLast Updated
E-Mail Jim & Lou Scott .74 meter dish 61 Jim & Lou Scott 87W 45.53872N 122.37960W 14-May-2015
Sandy Riverfront RV Resort - #149
Troutdale, OR

E-Mail Art & Caroline .74 meter dish 413 Art & Caroline 121W 44.98351N 122.97507W 20-May-2015
Salem, OR: Back home for the summer

E-Mail Bill Sherwood .74 meter dish 775 Bill Sherwood 117W 45.78000N 120.88560W 22-May-2015
At Windy Ranch for a while... Who knows...

see where I am:

E-Mail Discovery37 A 930 Discovery37 89W 45.73626N 123.19437W 1-May-2015
L.L. Stub Stewart S.P. Hosting at the visitor center

E-Mail Dick & Rockey A 933 Dick & Rockey 99W 44.98649N 123.02345W 19-May-2015
Keizer, OR Here for a month

E-Mail Larry Rebich V 1602 Larry Rebich N/A 44.13423N 123.04946W 26-May-2015
2015/05/20 In space 30, Premier RV Resorts, Eugene, OR for a couple weeks. Elevation 393 feet. I moved from space 149 to 30. Trip USA 2015 continues. See for details.

E-Mail Pat D V 2307 Pat D N/A 42.35022N 124.41216W 29-May-2015
E-Mail Theo Suds .98 meter dish 2661 Theo Suds 123W 43.67873N 124.18018W 21-May-2015
Oregon sand dunes B-)

E-Mail Lenp V 2752 Lenp N/A 44.59587N 121.11800W 16-May-2015
Still at home

.74 meter dish 3330 John & Rita Ham 117W 45.23355N 123.96840W 18-May-2015
We have arrived! Presently at Pacific City on the Oregon Coast and the Ocean is beautiful. At Thousand Trails in site C19 and will be here until June 1st.

+ 8373 Lou & Ginny N/A 43.95472N 124.11043W 16-May-2015
Killing time till Monaco APPOINTMENT 2 is goooood!

E-Mail Phil & Patrice + 15225 Phil & Patrice N/A 43.23671N 120.68750W 28-May-2015
We are at the Jackrabbit Junction RV Park in Christmas Village, Oregon with three other RV couples. Yesterday we went to the Lost Forest (ancient Ponderosa trees growing in sand dunes--they have adapted to the need for much less wqter) and the Crack in the Ground (a 2-mile long, 70 foot deep, 2-4 foot wide volcanic fissure, Today we visited the Ana River gaging station and marsh. Saw a swan, pelicans, and many other birds and water fowl. Visited with an Oregon Fish and Wildlife employee about banding birds.

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