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E-Mail John & Nancy Kelker .74 meter dish 2979 John & Nancy Kelker 89W 48.78795N 122.52061W 9-Sep-2021
08 Sep (Wed): Bellingham RV Park, Bellingham, WA, for two weeks. Todayís 48-mile run north from Anacortes was scenic, especially so with Mt. Bakerís 10,781’ glacier-clad peak to the east. Mt. Baker, one of a string of west coast volcanos, is second only to Mt. St. Helens in ongoing thermal activity. It holds the world record for officially recorded snowfall, in 1999 accumulating a total of 1,140" (95’), an achievement a warming climate will preserve. We are 2,717 miles from our home base in Port Isabel, TX.

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