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E-Mail D & D .74 meter dish 3091 D & D 83W 39.11971N 108.64579W 12-Oct-2014
Great trip on the cruise. Lots of color in Canada and the NE. When you go from Eastern Time (Quebec) to Newfoundland how far do you advance your clock? Alfalfa field was plowed under while gone and grass planted. Left Denver on Wed ahead of rain and snow over the mountains on Thurs. Good timing. Leaving Grand Junction Mon for Mesquite on Thurs. Answer is 1.5 hours. Strange, Huh? Still recovering from all the time zone changes and now standard time is coming soon. We are MDT now to PDT to MST (AZ)

+ 18216 Ken&Sheila N/A 39.15099N 108.74279W 21-Oct-2014
James M Robb SP, Fruita

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