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E-Mail Jean & Larry Rusch .74 meter dish 4719 Jean & Larry Rusch 113W 33.93000N 116.44000W 27-Apr-2018
Caliente Springs Resort, Desert Hot Springs, CA. Back to our winter home. Headed toward Wisconsin next week.

E-Mail Pat & Barb + 2430 Pat & Barb N/A 33.90897N 116.96787W 26-Apr-2018
Left Tempe this morning and are heading to Sequoia National Park. Overnighting in Beaumont, CA. Just after we went through Palm Springs and got to the Wind Turbin area the winds picked up and the windshield on the driver’s side shifted and is not sealed correctly. We just had a new windshield installed in February...they can’t get somebody here until Monday, but said we could tape it and they will get it repaired for us when we get to where we are going, they said if taped it won’t come out!!!

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