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E-Mail Brian & Vona Thomforde V 3054 Brian & Vona Thomforde N/A 45.06929N 67.03883W 15-Jun-2019
E-Mail Carl & Gail .98 meter dish 8324 Carl & Gail 89W 44.58917N 67.78433W 15-Jun-2019
Harrington, our last stop on our coastal run of Maine. A bit remote, but a pretty spot with a water view...and the sun is shining...I’m happy. Enjoyed Camden from our last stop. Harbor full of boats of all kinds and seafood restaurants. Drive today had a detour up to Bangor to check one of our new tires as a sensor was showing a problem. Sure enough, a valve was loose and they readily fixed it so we could continue our bumpy ride on the well travelled route 1.

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