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.74 meter dish 16582 ViaBellaGio 91W 38.69635N 120.90750W 19-Oct-2014
Today we passed the fog covered Mediterranean like Clear Lake. In Woodland we visited the Opera House State Historic Park. Good for the theatre there was a performance going on, unfortunately for us, no tours today. In Sacramento we did our shopping.

E-Mail Life .74 meter dish 1194 Life 99W 38.11361N 121.58890W 15-Oct-2014
Starting next Monday is "Let’s all be nice to each other, and let’s not help out the people that want to mess things up" week. Or LABNTOEOALNHOTPTWTMTU, for short. Pass it around.

.74 meter dish 3423 Paul & Mary Wells 83W 38.58656N 121.42320W 18-Oct-2014
Sacramento, CA - We said goodbye to Reno till Spring. We’ll visit with the Buckmans for a few days then head south. Today we enjoyed Nick playing soccer and Randy coaching Katie in her soccer game.

E-Mail Dave Violette .74 meter dish 16236 Dave Violette 99W 38.85689N 121.28190W 20-Oct-2014
Lincoln CA

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