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E-Mail Bob McDougall V 2253 Bob McDougall N/A 26.21990N 98.17560W 15-Oct-2017
Oct 15/2017

Arrived at my winter destination and winter gig, Tip O Texas, Pharr TX about midway in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. It was a good trip down from Goliad taking me 4 hours in clear weather. Been busy setting up and have problems with the PT Cruiser that was stored all summer as its back firing for some reason so will get it into for repairs tomorrow. The Park Manager seems real nice and weather in the 90’s

Bob and Khloe
Vagabond and a dog

E-Mail bkmussman V 2027 bkmussman 83W 26.13260N 97.94279W 8-Oct-2017
Here for the winter

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