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E-Mail Tom & Mary Hagney .74 meter dish 5798 Tom & Mary Hagney 99W 39.02856N 76.94702W 17-Jun-2015
In College Park, MD for the next three weeks. The RV park is Cherry Hills and is just north of Washington, DC. Our nephew, Ryan, will be visiting for about a week during our stay. We have lots of exploring to do while here.

E-Mail John & Nancy Kelker .74 meter dish 2979 John & Nancy Kelker 89W 39.02770N 76.94659W 29-Jun-2015
29 Jun (Mon): Cherry Hill Park, College Park, MD, to Sun as we enjoy our third three-week exploration of Washington D.C. Today while walking through the Smithsonian’s living butterfly enclosure a huge brilliant blue specimen took a liking to my long hair and ribbons, then perched on my head for the duration as other tourists took pictures. I saw it as a sign from the spirit of my sweet little sister, Linda (d 1950, age 3), always my guardian angel. ‘Tis not important you believe it, only that I do.

E-Mail nittanylions .74 meter dish 5278 nittanylions 99W 39.09972N 76.73083W 3-Jun-2015
UPDATED GPS COORDINATES: MAP UPDATE CORRECTION! We arrived at Fort Meade MD last Thursday and will be here for most of the time between now and July 12 except for heading out to San Diego for a week later this month.

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