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EMailNoteDishUser IDNameZoom ToSatelliteLatitudeLongitudeLast Updated
E-Mail Larry Rebich V 1602 Larry Rebich N/A 48.28407N 122.65757W 17-Aug-2014
2014/08/17 At the Staysail RV Park in Oak Harbor, on Whidbey Island, WA in space 17 for a week. Elevation 2 feet. To follow the year 2014 adventure, link to:

E-Mail Life .74 meter dish 1194 Life 99W 48.08830N 122.93250W 12-Aug-2014
One can be lost in familiar places
And find home in strangers’ faces.

E-Mail Bill and Diane V 1719 Bill and Diane 127W 48.02283N 122.78426W 11-Aug-2014
Evergreen Coho SKP Park #1, Chimacum WA until 8/20.

V 2102 Cramalot Inn N/A 47.96590N 122.35077W 23-Jul-2014
Fires chased us away from Twisp. We are now parked on the beach on Whidbey! Life is good!!!

E-Mail George and Josie Newsome .74 meter dish 2846 George and Josie Newsome 89W 48.09465N 123.30357W 14-Aug-2014
Port Angeles KOA
Port Angeles, WA

Here for a few nights exploring the Olympic National Park area.

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