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E-Mail John & Nancy Kelker .74 meter dish 2979 John & Nancy Kelker 89W 26.06728N 97.20507W 2-Dec-2017
02 Dec (Sat): Long Island Village, Port Isabel, TX, our “winter” roost. Since landing two plus weeks ago we’ve scarcely been able to catch our breath what with coach, jeep, dock, boat, and property projects (we have 25 mostly self-grown-from-seed palm trees), as well as an endless round of annual doctor appointments. We’re most certainly blessed to be able to do it all even though we’ve reached middle age (late 60s/early 70s is the new late 30s/early 40s). Perfect weather - sunny 70s, gentle ocean breeze.

E-Mail bkmussman V 2027 bkmussman 83W 26.13258N 97.94281W 30-Nov-2017
Here for the winter

E-Mail Dave & Sandy .74 meter dish 8712 Dave & Sandy 127W 26.13876N 97.67419W 10-Dec-2017
Moved over to the Fun N Sun RV Resort for a month or two.

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